In a matter of just thirty-two days, Colorado solidified its position as the most pro-death state in the nation on abortion.

On Monday, April 4th, Governor Polis signed HB 1279, the abortion on demand bill, into law. 

This law makes it legal to get an abortion in Colorado at any time during all 40 weeks of pregnancy for any reason whatsoever. The new law goes even further to deny rights to an entire class of humans – it declares that preborn babies have no rights under Colorado law.  

Thousands of pro-life Coloradans wrote to legislators and testified against the measure. In fact, there were over 28 hours of citizen testimony – most of it against the bill. 

Focus on the Family sent out action alerts to Colorado friends asking them to get engaged in the process and even testified against this evil measure. 

Pro-life lawmakers in the House filibustered this extreme abortion bill for over 24 hours in the longest bill debate in state history. Pro-life state senators also debated the measure – making the case for life for over 13 hours.

Despite our best efforts, the bill was passed on a party-line vote in both legislative chambers and sent to the governor for signature.

Sadly, Colorado has a reputation for promoting a culture of death – because the death of a unique human being is the intention of every abortion.

This April marks the 55th anniversary since Colorado became the first state in the nation to decriminalize abortion in 1967. 

Six years later, Roe v. Wade became law, and now more than 63 million human lives have been lost to abortion. 

Since then, the pro-life movement in Colorado has attempted to pass measures that would protect life, but they are regularly squashed by the forces that propel the radical abortion industry. 

Planned Parenthood routinely outspends all pro-life efforts in the state and, by all appearances, will continue to do so. 

At the end of March, Planned Parenthood reported that they received a historic gift of $275 million from MacKenzie Scott (former wife of Jeff Bezos). Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains announced that it would receive $20 million – the largest donation in its 106-year history. 

Heartbroken as the pro-life movement is to see such an evil measure become law – we are not deterred. 

While this bill may now be the law – this matter is far from settled. 

We will keep on fighting the good fight and standing up for preborn human life because it’s the right thing to do.

We know the worth of a preborn child is not dependent on cultural norms or whether a baby is wanted or unwanted.

A preborn child’s dignity is found in its humanity. 

Human beings are made in the image of God. Genesis 1:27 says, “so God created humanity in His own image.” 

By virtue of being human, God has uniquely set us apart as moral, spiritual, and intellectual beings. And that begins in the womb.

As difficult as it is to see in moments like these, the pro-life movement is stronger than ever. 

Indeed, momentum is on the side of life!

The time is coming when Colorado and other pro-abortion states will once again protect preborn human life.

Until then, the pro-life movement must remain committed to promoting cultural change that cares for moms and babies and embraces the sanctity of life.

Photo from Shutterstock.