It seems that after a contentious Democrat presidential primary, several of Joe Biden’s former competitors were openly vying for roles within his likely future administration. This includes notably radical Senators Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who would join Senator Kamala Harris, who is also known for being far left within the party. This signifies that Biden’s administration could potentially move far left, which may disturb those who hoped for a more moderate administration.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Senator Sanders stated his desire to work in Biden’s administration, specifically as Secretary of Labor.

“If I had a portfolio that allowed me to stand up and fight for working families, would I do it? Yes, I would,” Sanders said.

When asked specifically about the Labor position, Sanders responded, “What’s true is I want to do everything I can to protect the working families of this country who are under tremendous duress right now. Whether that’s in the Senate, whether that’s in the Biden administration, who knows. Well, let’s see how that unfolds.”

As the role of Secretary of Labor oversees “180 federal employment laws covering more than 150 million workers and 10 million workplaces,” this would give Senator Sanders enormous latitude to institute some of his socialist wish list, like increasing unions and raising the minimum wage to $15.

As CNN reports, Sanders has been reaching out to a variety of union leaders trying to shore up support for the role. The reaction to his request has been mixed.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was also looking for a role in Biden’s cabinet as Treasury Secretary, but that may have changed post-election.

Just days before the election, Politico cited three Democratic officials who said, “She wants it.”

She may want the role, but it’s unlikely she’ll get her wish. When news broke that Warren, who was Biden’s economic advisor on the campaign, wanted the role as Treasury Secretary, it was met by a tepid response, especially from Wall Street. While progressives would love it, the moderate wing of the party was less inclined to consider Warren, who has said that she would use the role to institute massive change within the country’s economic system.

She believes that Barack Obama’s response to the Great Recession didn’t do enough to help the “vulnerable.”

However, the razor thin majority that the Senate Republicans might hold, post the Georgia runoff elections, could potentially halt at least Warren’s nomination and potentially Sanders as well.

The seat Warren holds could easily go to a Republican, as her state currently has a Republican governor. If the chamber is tied after the Georgia runoff elections, the addition of one Republican Senator could throw a wrench into Democrat plans to enact radical legislation.

Politico reports that Warren and Sanders would likely have no chance of even being confirmed if Mitch McConnell remains Senate Majority Leader, though that hasn’t stopped Sanders from continuing to campaign for the role.

If it’s true that Biden and his team are no longer looking at the two northeastern Senators, it would be a relief to those who are hoping that despite the Democrats likely winning the Executive Branch, the party will rely on some of its more moderate members and not the radical progressives who want to enact massive change on the country.

Picture from Reuters.