Women’s rights advocate Riley Gaines appeared this week on Fox News’ “Hannity” to announce the launch of The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, dedicated to continuing her fierce advocacy for women’s rights.

Gaines, a former swimmer for the University of Kentucky, began to speak out against biological males competing in female athletics in 2022 after Gaines tied Lia Thomas, born male and formerly known as Will, for fifth place in the NCAA Women’s Championship 200-yard freestyle. She stood watching as Thomas was handed the trophy for “photo purposes.”

During the interview, Gaines spoke forcefully, intelligently and convincingly about why she does not use “trans” pronouns.

She said that she used to be willing to use “trans” pronouns but has since changed her mind. “I took me awhile to get to this point. I felt like I had to be respectful, I felt like I had to be kind,” Gaines shared.

“But that’s what they want you to think,” Gaines declared. “They want you to think that it’s kind to use the pronouns and to adhere to these lies,” adding:

But that’s not kind. That’s the exact opposite of kind, to lie, to affirm any delusion, that’s not compassionate. That’s not kind or inclusive or tolerant or accepting.

That’s lying. And lying is not beneficial for anyone. And so it took me awhile to come to terms with how I honestly felt and to speak the truth.

You can watch her full interview here:

Gaines’ assertion is exactly right: it is morally wrong to use “trans” pronouns because to do so is to lie. It is false to call a male, “she,” or a woman, “he.” And no Christian should cooperate with those lies.

Riley Gaines’ willingness to speak the truth, and refusal to back down despite facing insults, vitriol, threats and physical assault for her beliefs makes her a modern-day hero and a warrior for women.

Her moral courage, conviction and resolve should be greatly commended and emulated.

The Daily Citizen recently spoke with her at the Western Conservative Summit, which you can watch here.

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