The faith-based organization Run for God had humble origins. Mitchell Hollis founded Run for God in 2010 after a friend wounded him with truthful words. Hollis, who began running in 2006, had let running become an idol in his life. In church, his friend HR Poe told him, “Mitch, don’t let this (running) become your God.”

That’s when Hollis realized he had to do one of two things. Either he had to give up running, or he had to give it to God.

Hollis decided to let God take control. In order to do that, he made 12 t-shirts with the phrase “Run for God,” printed on them. He hoped people would ask him about the shirts, and he would be reminded that he was no longer running for himself, but for the Lord. After enough people asked about the shirts, Hollis was inspired to teach a class about faith and running and Run for God was born.

Now, 10 years later, the organization has grown to a full-fledged ministry that has a presence in over 4,500 churches and has led more than 200,000 people through a 12-week Bible study known as The 5K Challenge.

The program is 12 weeks long consisting of a Bible study class led by a volunteer instructor and with physical endurance training. At the end of the three months, the course culminates in a 5K run.

Surprisingly, somewhere between 30-40% of those who participate in Run for God’s 5K challenge aren’t yet Christians. Through the program, Hollis has seen hundreds of people come to know the Lord.

In addition to participating in the challenge, Run for God also allows those who are inclined to become instructors for the Bible study classes.

Asked to respond to someone who may want to become an instructor, but doesn’t feel qualified, Hollis said, “I was a builder my whole life. I hadn’t attended seminary. I wasn’t a pastor. When I first began doing this, I didn’t feel qualified and wondered, ‘Who am I to start this program?’ But oftentimes, God wants to use those who are lesser so he may be shown to be greater.”

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