Prominent Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore is leaving his role as the President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) to lead the new Public Theology Project at Christianity Today according to Timothy Dalrymple, the magazine’s president and CEO. Moore will hold the title “public theologian” for the historic evangelical publication which was founded in 1956 by Billy Graham and has long served as a flagship voice for evangelicalism.

In their announcement, Christianity Today explained the Public Theology Project will endeavor to “reground and revitalize a beautiful and orthodox public theology of our day.” It will do so by convening “a broad set of voices on matters of faith in the public square” as it publishes content in various media “that fleshes out the implications of the gospel for the whole of life” while also hosting gatherings and events among thought leaders to this end. They add the Project will “also be the main outlet for Moore’s regular writing and his podcast, SignPosts.”

In a personal note on his own website, Dr. Moore added this new project “is devoted to cultivating a forward-looking, joyful, consistent gospel witness.” Moore will be taking on the new role sometime this summer.

Moore’s tenure at the ERLC has not been without controversy in Southern Baptist Convention circles. The Religion News Service explained, “Moore’s work as ERLC president has been increasingly overshadowed by friction over his criticism of former President Donald Trump, putting him at odds with many Southern Baptists and evangelical leaders.”

Dalrymple explained Christianity Today’s excitement over this new move,

When we first began to discuss a Public Theology Project with Russell, we immediately welcomed the opportunity to grow that effort by joining forces on something that matters so much to all of us. We could not have a better leader for this effort than Russell Moore.”

Thinking more biblically about how our Christian faith uniquely impacts and challenges an increasingly changing world is a worthy and essential effort. Focus on the Family and the staff at The Daily Citizen pray this new project will make substantially orthodox contributions to that end.

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