In 2021, Vanessa Sivadge accepted what she thought was a dream job since her dream in high school: a registered nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital.

This dream job was quickly shattered by criminal and disheartening activity in her workplace.

It started in 2021 when Sivadge “saw a dramatic rise in the number of transgender children treated at the hospital,” according to City Journal.

 The “transgender children” that were coming in for treatment were patients dealing with all sorts of mental health-related and unrelated issues such as depression, anxiety, addition, suicidal thoughts and “discomfort with puberty.”

Instead of treating these problems at their root cause, Sivadge shared that the doctors employed by the hospital would “diagnose them with gender dysphoria and assign them to a regiment of gender-affirming care.”

The business of the child gender clinic was flourishing. That was, until the Texas Children’s Hospital CEO, Mark Wallace, was under fire from the state’s attorney general to shut it down. Which he did!

And then secretly reopened merely days after to begin the “gender-affirming care” again.

Sivadge had read about the brave whistleblower Dr. Eithan Haim who exposed Texas Children’s Hospital’s performing of  “transgender medical interventions, including the use of implantable puberty blockers on minor children.” Read more of his interview with the Daily Citizen here.

Sivadge reached out to Christopher Rufo, the journalist who uncovered the story and shared Dr. Haim’s testimonial, to share her own observations from working at the hospital.

“In the cardiac clinic, we were taking sick kids and making them better,” she said.

“In the transgender clinic, it was the opposite, we were harming these kids.” According to her, they were “manipulating patients into gender-affirming care.” Sivadge continued to talk about her time at the hospital while name dropping doctors she had personally worked with and witness “manipulate” children into “gender- affirming care.”

About two months after sharing her story with Rufo, the FBI showed up at her doorstep, asking her about “some of the things that have been going on at [her] work lately,” Sivadge recalled. “They threatened me… They promised they would make life difficult for me if I was trying to protect the leaker.”

Things went back to normal afterward. The FBI did not reappear and Sivadge continued her work as a nurse as Texas Children’s Hospital, as they still continued their “sex-change program,” according to City Journal, “but focused instead on patients who had reached the legal age of 18.”

Rufo reported that Sivadge, the registered nurse who simply was trying to do her job, would later discover that the authorities were all following her story. Both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and leadership of the hospital were “ideologically committed to transgender medicine.”

Dr. Haim has since been indited on four counts of “violating patient-privacy provisions of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)” with total penalties resulting in a large sum of money and up to 10 years in prison, according to National Review.

People can neither stand up for what they believe in, speak out about it, or practice correct medicine without having the FBI show up at their door or for fear of charges being filed against them for exposing evil and illegal practices.

Please pray for more good, truthful doctors and nurses to have the courage to stand up, tell the truth and protect children from harmful transgender medical interventions.

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