If you were one of the more than 113 million viewers who watched Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, (unless you were up getting another slice of pizza) you saw Kansas City Chief’s kicker Harrison Butker kick a game winning 27-yard field goal, putting his team ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 with just seconds left in the game.

And yet, Butker isn’t just playing for the winning Super Bowl team. He’s also scoring points for the pro-life movement.

Butker is widely known as a staunchly pro-life, devout Catholic.

Last year, he appeared in a pro-life commercial from Catholic Vote, urging Kansans to support the “Value Them Both Amendment,” which would have declared that the Kansas Constitution does not guarantee a right to abortion.

You can watch the commercial here:

Butker was also quoted in a Live Action social media post supporting the amendment.

“It is so essential to enshrine the protection of all human life and make Kansas a place where all human children are protected at every state of life,” Butker said. Sadly, the amendment failed.

Butker has also credited God for his talents as a kicker, and said he believes that was God’s way of giving him a platform to use to speak out.

“I think God has definitely given me a platform. He’s given me a voice for a lot of people that aren’t able to voice their opinions,” he said in an interview with the Catholic News Agency.

“I put so much into being the best kicker I can possibly be and for whatever reason, God has allowed me to continue to be successful as a kicker. I’m so thankful for that. My success in football has given me a pedestal and I feel a responsibility to raise awareness to different issues that I think God wants me to bring to the forefront.”

Congratulations to Harrison on his new Super Bowl ring! Keep up the fight for life!

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