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Speaking at The Colson Center’s annual national conference in Indianapolis, Indiana last week, abortion survivor Gianna Jessen gave profound and moving remarks by conveying her story and sharing God’s love.

Gianna, now an international speaker and author of the book Gianna: Aborted, and Lived to Tell About It, suffers from Cerebral palsy. Throughout her talk, she relied and physically leaned upon John Stonestreet, president of the Colson Center and Detroit-area Pastor Chris Brooks, who were standing on either side of her due to balance issued caused by the disorder.

Addressing why she didn’t just sit down, Gianna, paraphrasing Ephesians 6:13, said she has “done everything to stand.” Noting that she believes Satan has tried to take her out via abortion, Gianna said that every second she spends standing is a rebuke of the Evil One by the grace of God.

“The only way he can win is if I quit,” Gianna said.

Sharing her story, Gianna told the audience that she was conceived when her biological parents were 17. Her mother went to Planned Parenthood and was directed to get a late-term, saline-infusion abortion when Gianna was 29 weeks old in the womb.

“It’s a salt solution that is injected into the mother’s womb; the baby then gulps that solution. It burns, blinds and suffocates the child,” Gianna shared. She noted that when she was born alive in the abortion clinic, she required no resuscitation.

“It doesn’t make any sense … but that is how powerful my God is,” she proclaimed.

Gianna continued her speech, sharing that according to medical professionals, her Cerebral palsy was directly caused by a lack of oxygen to her brain while surviving the abortion.

“I would not be disabled [except for the abortion attempt],” Gianna said. “You can imagine how I feel when I hear the argument, ‘If the baby is disabled, we need to terminate it.’”

Gianna also used her speech as an opportunity to exhort the young Christians in attendance to holiness and chastity.

She shared that she wants nothing more in life than to be a mother; so far, she has not married. Yet, Gianna said that no matter the cost, she is choosing obedience to God.

“I cannot bring myself to sin against my God,” she said. “I have heard the Lord say, ‘Gianna, you cannot change a world that you resemble.’”

She added that she is choosing to obey Christ, even if it costs her what she wants so dearly in the life: children.

Gianna shared that she is willing to sacrifice everything out of her love of Jesus Christ. She said, “Even if I don’t get anything, any of my dreams, I love Christ,” adding,

Yes, I believe in grace. But there is something to be said for holiness and obedience before a holy God.

Concluding her speech, Gianna challenged everyone, “I want you to choose this day whom you will serve, and what you will give to Him by His own grace.”

If you would like to learn more about Gianna’s story, you can purchase her book here.

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