A very important liberal virtue today is to show full respect for the beliefs and practices of minority groups. As a general rule, it is good advice. Simple neighborliness. Related to this is the liberal offense of appropriating a minority group’s traditions by an outside group.

But sometimes the most powerful voices on the left unwittingly violate their own rules in fabulous fashion. This is certainly the case with the new abortion-celebrating Christmas tree featured here.

 A Christmas tree chock of full of ornaments with celebratory slogans such as…

“Abortion is unstoppable”

“Pro Abortion 4-Eva”

“Abortion Pills Forever”

“My Body My Decision”

“Abortion is Normal”

Now, abortion supporters are gonna support abortion. It’s what they do.

But to appropriate the most sacred Christian celebration of Christmas to do so is the height of violating one’s own rules.

And this was not a prank created by nefarious pro-lifers to make the pro-abortion camp look boorishly tone-deaf. They were proudly created (and marketed) by a woman named Jennifer Page who tweets @Queencityfeminist and is admittedly a “furious anti-fascist feminist from hell” who believes that “abortion is totally radical.”

It is highly doubtful Ms. Page misses the world-class irony and profound insult that her creations are to all Christians. Celebrating abortion at Christmas, the day the world honors the ultimate life-affirming choice of a remarkably brave and faithful young, single Middle-Eastern woman who found herself “great with child.

Christmas centers on a dramatic “crisis pregnancy,” the birth of a baby, a real birth and actual baby that literally changed the way we understand world history…

Abortion, on the other hand, is a vile and tragic violation of this life-affirming ideal. Its advocates destroy their own delicate rules by shamelessly appropriating the most sacred values and traditions of a major historic and global minority for their own narrow political and partisan interests.

They are simply revealing their nature.

Photo from Youtube.