Elections have consequences. That phrase has been thrown around quite a bit throughout the country this year, but it is incredibly true. For the pro-life movement, the results of an election could mean life or death for preborn babies. From the president to state representatives and ballot initiatives, all these elections, no matter how small, hold significance in the fight for life. As a pro-life Christian in 2020, here are some things to consider as you approach the voting booth.

When it comes to the presidential election, whoever wins will have the opportunity either to continue pro-life initiatives or hinder pro-life efforts. Some of the current primary candidates have shared their strong pro-abortion views and their support for abortion access at any point in the pregnancy. While voting for the leader of the free world is an incredibly individual decision, the lives of preborn babies could potentially be hanging in the balance.

The Senate races are another area where life could be an incredibly important factor. There are currently 34 seats up for election in upper chamber, with 22 Republicans seeking reelection compared to only 12 Democrat doing the same. The Republicans have been able to hold the Senate with a slight majority, which has allowed the approval 193 judges, including two Supreme Court Justices. According to The Washington Post, one in four circuit court judges were appointed by President Donald Trump. It is likely that many of these judges will lean more towards life and help protect the rights of preborn babies.

In addition to the Senate races, the future leadership of the House of Representatives will also be critical. Currently, the House has a discharge petition that would protect babies born alive after failed abortions. The petition only needs an additional 14 signatures to pass, and it is a bipartisan effort that has support from members of both parties.

For Democrats who supported the petition, it is a definite risk. It seems like more and more there is no support for the pro-life perspective within the Democrat party. In fact, the last few remaining pro-life Democrats will likely face steep and well-funded opposition campaigns designed to force them out of office and replace them with Planned Parenthood- or NARAL-supported pro-abortion candidates. 

While most of the focus this year in the media will be on the national elections, when it comes to pro-life bills local elections are incredibly influential. For example, the multitude of Heartbeat bills that passed throughout the country last year would’ve been impossible without conservative governments dedicated to protecting life. Equally, state houses controlled by liberal and pro-abortion politicians, like the ones in New York and Virginia, passed or are about to pass laws that would make abortions legal right until the moment of birth and remove protections for vulnerable women and preborn babies. 

Certain states are also becoming creative at trying to circumvent the liberal-controlled state governments by creating petitions that put the life question directly to the people. For example, Colorado has the Due Date Too Late petition, which seeks to ban abortion after the 22nd week of pregnancy. Michigan is doing something similar through a ballot initiative aimed at ending dismemberment abortion.

It’s unclear what 2020 holds for this country, but there can be no doubt that the lives of hundreds of thousands of preborn babies hangs in the balance. That’s why it is important to support pro-life candidates, regardless of their party affiliation.