Words matter.

Surf any mainstream news site or pick up any newspaper these last few weeks and you’re sure to see stories heralding the rise of so-called “anti-LGBTQ” proposals.

“Anti-LGBTQ Proposals Are Flooding U.S. State Legislatures at a Record Pace” shouts a recent Bloomberg story.

“’It’s a very lonely world’: For LGBT conservatives, anti-gay legislation prompts frustration, doubts,” warns USA Today.

Only there is no such thing as “anti-LGBTQ” legislation. 

Instead, there have been legislative proposals designed to protect the innocence of children and preserve the integrity of women’s sports.

For example, Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill ensures that children in kindergarten through third grade won’t be subjected to curriculum that delves into controversial and mature content about sex and gender. Other states have followed suit. In Georgia, a bill has been proposed designed to “deter developmentally inappropriate classroom discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation for primary school students.”

A recent poll found that 61% of those asked support the “controversial” Florida legislation. 67% of parents support the bill. It seems the media and activists are clearly in the minority.

Legislation crafted to stop biological males from competing against women have also become popular.

An Iowa bill was passed into law last month. It states: “Only female students, based on their sex, may participate in any team, sport, or athletic event designated as being for females, women, or girls.” 

Media and activists like to charge conservatives with blocking or limiting “transgender” athletes. But there’s just one major problem with such an accusation. There’s no such thing as a transgender athlete. There are just two genders. There are women athletes and men athletes. That’s it. Politicians, activists and even judges may struggle with defining womanhood – but most everyone else has a clear handle on the differences between males and females.

It’s misleading and disingenuous to qualify any of these types of bills as “anti” anything, with the exception of maybe calling them anti-delusionary pieces of legislation.

It’s not “anti-LGBTQ” to prohibit innocent minds from being confused and confronted with damaging and immoral teaching. It’s pro-child

It’s not “anti-LGBTQ” to protect girls and women from being exposed to confused or devious biological men prowling in female locker rooms. It’s pro-woman and pro-girl – and pro-common sense.

It’s not “anti-LGBTQ” to limit girl’s and women’s sports to biological women and girls. It’s pro-female athlete.

Repeating a lie over and over doesn’t somehow make it true. Despite repeated assertions, a lie is still a lie.

By framing pro-child and pro-woman legislation as “anti-LGBTQ” the intent is to demonize, stigmatize and delegitimize individuals who are championing family-friendly policies.

Activists and their willing accomplices in the press are tireless and relentless. They can’t change biology – so they’re trying to change definitions and will frame stories in ways they feel are most sympathetic to their worldview. It was Mark Twain who warned to “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel” – but be aware of what they’re doing, and don’t fall for it.


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