Planned Parenthood is at it again — obscuring the truth and hiding inconvenient facts in their annual report. The report was released earlier this month, about nine months later than expected. And try as they may to distort the truth, conceal the facts, and spin a false narrative; the problem for Planned Parenthood is that the facts don’t lie, and indeed they are telling a very different story.

Here are three ways Planned Parenthood’s newest annual report proves that all the organization really cares about is power and abortions.


  1. Planned Parenthood performed more abortions this past year than ever before. 

In the last fiscal year, Planned Parenthood ended the lives of more babies than any other year in its history.

According to the annual report, Planned Parenthood performed 383,460 abortions. That is an increase of 8% over the previous year, or 28,600 more abortions, as reported by the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) and American Life League (ALL).

March for Life posted a poignant tweet on this topic, noting that it would take five Superbowl stadiums to fit 383,460 people — the number of babies killed by Planned Parenthood last year.

The National Right to Life Campaign also made a jarring comparison to provide context for just how many babies were aborted by Planned Parenthood last year. In a tweet and article, they say that in America, more people died from abortion than from Covid in 2020.


  1. The number of non-abortion services provided to patients went down, as did the overall number of clients Planned Parenthood treated.

Planned Parenthood likes to claim that they provide “healthcare” to women, but according to ALL, 15 of the 20 healthcare services listed in the annual report show a decline.

Christian Post (CP) notes that “Services and testing for sexually transmitted infections decreased from over 5.4 million the year before to over 4.4 million in its most recent report. Meanwhile, cancer screenings decreased to nearly 417,000 from almost 599,000 the year before. Contraceptive services decreased to almost 2.2 million, down from over 2.5 million the year earlier.”

CLI adds that since 2010, according to Planned Parenthood’s own data, total services are down 21.4%. Cancer screening is down 74%. Prenatal services have dropped 72%. And contraceptive services have declined 41%.

Surprising for an organization that likes to hold itself out there as a leader in women’s health, right?

But that’s not all that’s down. So is the overall number of people Planned Parenthood is treating. CP notes a decrease in clients from 2.4 million to 2.16 million.

So, fewer patients and fewer services — the organization must be suffering financial difficulties, right? Nope. Not even a little, which leads us to our final point.


  1. Planned Parenthood’s revenue is up, and they are investing in political races to secure their own power and influence.

Apparently, the abortion business is booming because, according to Planned Parenthood’s annual report, revenue is WAY up.

Despite the drop in services provided and the number of patients served, ALL reports that Planned Parenthood’s numbers show that the abortion seller made $133.7 million in profits last year compared to $69.7 million the previous year.

And the numbers demonstrate that private and taxpayer funding is up.

Washington Examiner noted that private funding was up from $510 million to $597.3 million — an increase of 14%.

CLI reported that taxpayer funding increased by $15.3 million this year to a total of $633.4 million — a whopping 37% of Planned Parenthood’s overall revenue!

So, what will Planned Parenthood do with all that extra money? Help single moms who chose to parent instead of abort? Give it to families who are struggling to pay their bills? Support adoption agencies? No, nope, and definitely not.

Instead, Planned Parenthood has announced that it plans to spend $50 million in midterm elections to elect politicians who will be “champions” for abortion. Planned Parenthood admits that this move is about “power and control.” They want power. They want control. And they want “abortion champions” elected “up and down the ballot.”

They give away their strategy as they disclose that their “investments will focus on states positioned to either ban or expand access to sexual or reproductive health care.”

States that have been identified by Planned Parenthood for investment this election cycle are Georgia, Nevada, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, California, Maine, Ohio and Florida.

The annual report confirms what Planned Parenthood likes to deny. Abortion is Planned Parenthood’s number one priority. Planned Parenthood isn’t really invested in women’s healthcare. And money is the key to their long-term business goals of more power, more control, and more abortions in America.

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