Leading trans activists have admitted in a special report that their political and media messaging is failing miserably and they must change their strategy if they hope to make headway. This new report reveals their new 2022 playbook.

In fact, the report admits the numbers are so abysmal they don’t even offer them to the reader in the text of the report. The Transgender Law Center, who commissioned the report, admits with great alarm, “Right now, our opposition wins the debate on trans [participation] in sports against any and all arguments we have tried from our side.” This is them admitting even their best arguments are utter failures. The report continues, “At present, no arguments we tested bested the opposition in a direct debate on sports policy.” This is true even with their own base.

Trans leaders are admitting they are seriously losing in their effort to convince the rest of us that a man can be every bit the woman if he wants. They are also admitting that pro-family voices have been extremely effective. We should take their encouragement and increase our courage.

The bulk of the report is an explanation of how trans activists must desperately retool their communications scheme in turning the basic reality of male and female on its head. And this report reveals just how poor their “new and improved” playbook is.

Their new scheme is to piggy-back the gender issue onto race.

They want to expand the Left’s very effective “race class narrative” in what they call a “Race Class Gender Narrative.” The report holds that in “Using a Race Class Gender Narrative, we can mobilize our progressive base, marginalize our opposition, and move persuadables…”  

The report suggests trans activists link gender-bending with race using recommended language like, “People of all races and genders want to be free to fully express ourselves and connect authentically with others…” and “Whether we are Black, white or brown, Native or newcomer, transgender or not, we want the freedom to be ourselves.” They believe their activists will do much better in persuasion if they can “move people toward empathy” because “an ability to identify with another person’s experience is…key in activating cisgender audiences around trans issues.”

Yes, this is manipulation for radical ideological ends. And they are doing so to redefine what it means to be human as male and female.

So be on note that trans activists will start linking their work to race and be sure not to fall for it. They believe, “We can and should connect justice for transgender people to issues of racial and economic justice, and by doing so, we move our base and persuadable audiences in key metrics of support.”

But even their own so-called “community” is already chiding them for the feebleness of this new strategy. Community members at Lipstick Alley, a lesbian-themed “reddit” social media forum framed the new strategy this way…

And clearly, African-Americans are not taking kindly to their long civil rights work being hijacked in this way…

The Transgender Law Center’s second strategy is to further demonize anyone who disagrees with them by calling them “power-hungry villains” as demonstrated here…

The Transgender Law Center also recommend starting to use the word “gender” with an ‘s’ in speech and print because “pluralizing genders enables greater agreement with our worldview and helps activate more expansive attitudes toward our genders and transgender people.” They are just realizing that if you want people to believe the falsehood that there are many genders, adding an ‘s’ is smart. It is why gender rhetoric keeps changing in ways that literally no one can keep up with. When you are not telling the truth, you must keep changing your story. And these folks are doing just that.

Page 11 of this report presents their new detailed “embrace/replace” language guide for trans activists in 2022. It is helpful they so openly lay this out for all to see, because it demonstrates just how deliberate they are in the crafting of manipulative language. Be on the look-out as you see media voices, friends, family, and co-workers start employing this sneaky language in the false pursuit of social justice and sensitivity. 

Yes, leading trans activists are making all this up as they go and strategically changing language relative to what sticks and what does not for their political ends. That is what this new report demonstrates. The wise person will refuse to play along.

 Photo from Report.