According to the Washington Examiner, “Cancel culture doesn’t exist” to people on the left side of the political spectrum, yet “at the same time… they are cheering on the online mobs that seek to shame and ruin the lives of those deemed to have committed thought crimes.”

The story of Julie Mauck fits perfectly into this narrative. She is a mom, real estate agent and founder of the Oconee County chapter of Moms for Liberty, a parental rights group. This group advocates for parental rights in schools and faces fierce opposition for doing so.

Mauck fought to have the Oconee County Public Library move the book Flamer by Mike Curato from the kids’ section to the adults’ section of the library. The book contained images of naked teenage boys and descriptions of genitals, sexual behavior, profanity and derogatory terms.

Obviously, such content shouldn’t be allowed in the kids’ section.

Mauck also noted “some pedophiles, who often describe themselves as ‘minor-attracted persons,’ try to insinuate themselves into the ‘plus’ part of the acronym LGBTQ+,” the Daily Signal reported.

“Transgender” activist “Felix” Bell, born female, who also goes by “Fiona,” then took it upon herself to stand behind Mauck during an Oconee County Public Library Board of Trustees meeting with a sign reading “JOY is ALL ages!”

The Daily Signal reports, the harassment did not stop there. Bell and another transgender-identified activist, Danielle Carmella Bonanno, born male, and leader of Athens Pride, then tried to reach out to Mauck’s broker, Bob Allen, urging him to end the relationship and “discipline her.”

Bell had emailed Allen “falsely claiming that Mauck made a public display of calling the entire LGBTQ community pedophiles, along with calling for censorship of LGBTQ-related material.”

Consequently, the next day, according to the Daily Signal, Allen separated from Mauck as her real estate broker, though their separation did not happen until about a month later, after Allen received an official ethics complaint from the Georgia Association of Realtors; this complaint had been by Bell.

After a long legal battle, the Georgia Association of Realtors cleared Mauck of the complaint against her on the grounds that there was no evidence for the claims made. She then found herself a new broker and carried on with her life.

But Bonanno, the leader of Athens Pride, was not satisfied with just the small amount of wreckage caused.

Bonanno then reached out to Mauck’s new broker, emailing him the same email from the first broker, reiterating the false ethics complaint that had since been dismissed.

Macuk filed a lawsuit early in June, claiming that “Bananno and his organization Athen’s Pride ‘willfully disparaged’ Mauck ‘by false or misleading representation of fact’ even ‘knowing such conduct was deceptive,’” according to the Daily Signal. With Bell also named in the lawsuit, it urged the court to not only give “compensatory and punitive damages” to Mauck, but also to “cease and desist from engaging in deceptive trade practices” and to publicly apologize to her.

Mauck lost her second broker but applied for her own brokerage license. She now owns Freedom Realty USA.

“They can’t do this to me anymore,” she fiercely stated.

Mauck’s courage is admirable; may we all live with such bravery and conviction.


Image from Shutterstock.