Tucker Carlson launched a new subscription streaming service for $9 a month, with a discounted price of $72 for a year.

The former host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News says the Tucker Carlson Network (TCN) will offer “exclusive interviews and investigations,” “trusted news commentaries,” and “exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.”

Media pundits pointed out that the network’s logo looks like a red pill, which they see as a reference to the film The Matrix, where Keanu Reeves is given the choice of swallowing a blue pill and “remaining in a state of blissful ignorance” – or “accepting a painful reality” and downing the red pill.

Carlson announced TCN in a video, with his usual serious, furrowed brow and dramatic flair. He pointed to chaos in the world and the need to understand and know the truth – which he said old media outlets don’t offer:

The next 12 months is going to be a wild time – probably like nothing any of us have ever seen: an economic meltdown; an unresolvable presidential race; unprecedented global migration – entire populations moving from continent to continent; metastasizing foreign wars and chaos.

Suddenly everything seems at stake – control of the world and of your soul. How are you going to respond to all that? The first step is knowing what’s actually happening. That’s not easy. Who’s an ally? Who’s an enemy?

You can’t always tell.

What’s true, and what’s a lie? Sometimes it’s hard to know. There’s so much deception. Big media companies won’t help. Their job is to manipulate you.

The government? Please. When was the last you believed a word they said?

As a solution, Carlson presents TCN, saying it will be “something new, something relentlessly honest, something that the corporate gatekeepers can’t touch.”

On the website, he explains:

There’s only one solution to a propaganda spiral like the one we’re living through, and it’s telling the truth about the things that matter — clearly and without fear. That’s our job. We plan to do it every day, no matter what.

He asks people to “join the movement,” saying:

We are the sworn enemies of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. We believe the corporate media is broken beyond repair, and the only way forward is to build something better. If this sounds like you, too, then join us today.

TCN offers different videos, interviews and analysis, like Tucker Carlson Uncensored, for breaking news, and The Tucker Carlson Encounter, where “Tucker goes off grid for in-depth conversations with celebrities, intellectuals, politicians, and even regular people.”

Encounter discussions take place at Carlson’s “cabin,” a studio in Woodstock, Maine. Already posted on the site are chats with golfer John Daly, musician and singer Kid Rock, radio show host Alex Jones, political commentator Candace Owens, and former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.

The Tucker Carlson Interview involves a “more formal question-and-answer session,” reports AP News, such as with Javier Milei, Argentina’s next president, songwriter and rapper Ice Cube, and Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Andrew Tate.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “Carlson said he would continue to post the service’s free content on X.” The Journal stated that the media company will soon launch “The Tucker Carlson Podcast.”

TCN also features speeches by Carlson from his “Sworn Enemy Tour,” and it includes a section for Tucker Carlson Films, which will produce full-length films and documentaries.

The Journal also reported:

Former White House adviser Neil Patel is serving as Tucker Carlson Network’s chief executive. Carlson and Patel were roommates at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., which they graduated from in 1991, and in 2010 teamed up to found the conservative Daily Caller news site, which Patel still controls.

Carlson’s former executive producer at Fox, Justin Wells, is serving as Tucker Carlson Network’s president and will oversee all programming.

Tucker Carlson Tonight ran from 2016-2023, surpassing Hannity as the most-watched cable news program in 2020, “with an average nightly audience of 4.56 million viewers,” The New York Times reported.

Although avidly watched by conservatives, Mediaite wrote in 2022 that Carlson was “the number-one watched host among Democrats in the key 25-54 age demographic – across all networks.”

Dismissed by Fox News in April 2023, Carlson began posting a show on Twitter called Tucker on Twitter, since rebranded as Tucker on X. Carlson has almost 11 million followers on the social media outlet, we’ll see how many of those turn into paying customers for the Tucker Carlson Network.

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