The United States Senate has voted to acquit President Donald Trump of the impeachment charges against him, ending Democrat’s hopes of removing him from office and barring him from the 2020 election.

The vote on the first article of impeachment, Abuse of Power, received 52 “Not Guilty” votes with 48 Senators voting to declare the President “Guilty.” Every Democrat voted in favor of declaring the President guilty along with Republican Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT).

The President was also acquitted on the second article of impeachment, Obstruction of Congress. The vote on this article was 53-47 with every Democrat voting to declare the President guilty. Sen. Mitt Romney voted to acquit the President of this second charge. 

Under the Constitution, 2/3rds of the Senators would have had to vote to convict President Trump of the impeachment charges for him to be removed from office. 

The Senate trial of President Trump came to a quick end after the Senate voted 51-49 last week not to hear from additional witnesses. 

The President was accused of abusing his power as President of the United States by soliciting the interference of Ukraine in the 2020 election, and then covering it up by rejecting subpoenas submitted by the House of Representatives. 

The President vigorously denied the charges, alleging that the real corruption lay with Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. 

Now that the months-long impeachment process is finally over, we’ll see if Congress is able to get back to writing and passing legislation, or whether enough bad blood has accrued during this impeachment process to put a halt on possible legislation indefinitely.


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