While upwards of 100 American citizens are still waiting for their country’s State Department to get them out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, the social media staff over at Foggy Bottom saw good reason to inform all of us about the importance of the newly made up thing called International Pronouns Day.

They link us to a short article that explains, “In the United States, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to ‘share their pronouns.’ But just because citizens are being shamed by their workplaces and schools into stating what is plainly obvious doesn’t mean it is a good idea.

Like so much virtue signaling today, it seems well intentioned in kindness and personal consideration to others. But we must appreciate the fact that much more is at work here. It is enlisting you and your children to pledge allegiance to a radical and fundamentally false view of what it means to be human as male and female. There is everything right in refusing to do so.

But to have our nation’s federal government promoting such silly things also leads us down other troubling roads many fail to appreciate. But The New York Times does. Earlier this year, they published a detailed article describing where all this gender and pronoun creativity is leading us and how it is going lightyears beyond the simple and seemingly harmless he/she/they. The Times explains pronoun use is now including references…

“to animals — so your pronouns can be ‘bun/bunself’ and ‘kitten/kittenself.’ Others refer to fantasy characters — ‘vamp/vampself,” “prin/cess/princesself,” “fae/faer/faeself” — or even just common slang, like “Innit/Innits/Innitself.” [emphasis added]

If you have trouble believing this crazy turn in pronoun use is for real, America’s newspaper of record answers that very question with a definitive and firm “Yes.” They explain that growing numbers of people are using pronouns in these ways and “are dead serious … quick to react swiftly to offenses” and “are deeply versed in the style and mores of contemporary identity politics…”

When your local school or workplace – not to mention the U.S. State Department – pressures you to participate in this novel pronoun use, simply ask the person making the demand what they would do with this person’s request if they were a fellow student or work colleague.

Ask them if this person’s very serious and wholly sincere pronoun use should be equally respected and utilized? Ask them if this does not prove that dictating pronoun use opens a veritable Pandora’s Box.

What people, like our own federal State Department, who are trying to force us into this fashionable new trend fail to realize is that when people can created new genders, they can also create other new realities. And they are! Where does it stop? It leads to an untenable quagmire.

Those who refuse to play along with the new pronoun politics are simply realizing this fact and choose not to participate. They are right to do so, and those occupying the highest seats of leadership in our federal government should certainly know better.

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