A new survey of 12,372 university professors from around the nation has found that the country’s top educators donate almost entirely to Democrats, giving them 95 times more money than Republicans.

As Campus Reform reported, “Of the over 12,000 professors surveyed, 2,301 made political donations, 2,081 of which were donated to Democrats. Just 22 of those 2,301 professors donated to Republicans. Nine professors donate to both Republicans and Democrats.”

Conducted by two researchers, Heterodox Academy Director of Research Sean Stevens and Brooklyn College Professor Mitchell Langbert, the professors surveyed were from 31 different states and the District of Columbia. The study looked at the professors’ donations during the 2016 and 2018 election cycles and was published online by the National Association of Scholars.

“The study also revealed how many professors are registered to vote as Democrats compared with professors who are registered as Republicans. Nearly half of the 12,372 professors — 48.5 percent — are registered Democrats while just 5.7 percent are registered Republicans,” Campus Reform noted.

The study also compared the number of registered Democrat faculty to Republicans in nine different disciplines of study. The two disciplines with the highest Democrat to Republican registration ratios were Anthropology (42:1) and Sociology (27:1). The two disciplines that had the most even registration rates included Economics (3:1) and Chemistry (4:1). 

Also of note, the study broke down the party affiliation of professors by university. Columbia University had 98 registered Democrat faculty compared to only 4 Republican faculty. Cornell had 88 Democrat professors and 5 Republicans. Harvard had 88 Democrats and 1 Republican professor whereas Johns Hopkins had 57 Democrats and 3 Republicans.

As the authors of the study wrote, “Researchers have raised concerns that ideological homogeneity may lead to questionable research practices. Partisan polarization has been leading to Republicans’ increasing skepticism about higher education.”

In addition, the researchers believe that the disparity in the Democrat to Republican registration ratio will continue to increase since that ratio is even higher among assistant professors, those who are less likely to be currently registered to vote. “This presumably would also produce an even greater Democrat to Republican donation ratio.”

The survey adds to the ubiquitous evidence that liberal professors are a dominant and overwhelming force on university campuses nationwide. It’s no wonder why millennials no longer believe in free speech and are increasingly likely to support communism and Marxism. Leftist professors are to thank.

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