Vice President Kamala Harris recently told pastors to promote killing babies in abortion and fight for “light” over darkness.

According to LifeNews, Harris spoke at the National Baptist Convention in Houston, Texas to around 2,000 pastors and church leaders.

LifeNews reports that Harris “criticized Texas lawmakers for passing laws that protect unborn babies from abortion, saying women should be allowed to ‘make decisions about their own future.’”

“These ideals now hang in the balance, and in this moment then we count on the strength and conviction of our faith leaders to help lead us forward,” the vice president said.

LifeNews also says that Harris “attempted to portray her pro-abortion beliefs as Christian by bringing up how she went to church as a child and studied the Bible.”

This isn’t the first time that Vice President Harris has exhorted faith leaders to support so-called “reproductive rights.”

On June 6, the vice president told faith leaders in Los Angeles, “We need faith.”

“To support Roe v. Wade and all it stands for, does not mean giving up your beliefs. It is simply about agreeing that a woman should be able to make that decision with her faith leader, with her family, with her physician,” Vice President Harris said. “The government should not be making that decision for her.”

To assert that faith leaders would not need to give up their belief that a preborn baby is a human being – which the vice president suggested – in order to support a woman’s ability to get an abortion is logically flawed.

If these faith leaders believe preborn babies are alive human beings, they can only support the government prohibiting abortion. Otherwise, they’d be arguing that the government should permit murder.

Use the vice president’s reasoning in the context of the murder of fully grown human beings, you’ll quickly see how faulty her logic is.

In that scenario, one could say, “You don’t have to give up your beliefs that murder is wrong. It is simply about agreeing that the murderer should be able to make that decision … The government should not be making that decision.”

Of course, the government should be making the decision to outlaw murder – and that’s exactly why pro-life supporters, informed by both faith and reason, support laws outlawing the murder of preborn babies.

Perhaps the most incomprehensible and logically inconsistent position on abortion comes from people who claim to be personally pro-life but don’t want the government to prohibit abortion.

It doesn’t make sense for someone to personally be pro-life, and at the same time assert that others should be able to kill that preborn human being because that’s “their decision.”

That’s akin to saying, “I personally wouldn’t kill someone. But if others want to do so, I support their right to choose that decision.”

Additionally, Harris’ more recent assertion that we “count on the strength and conviction of our faith leaders” to promote abortion is tragically mistaken.

For 2,000 years, Christians have unequivocally and nearly universally held that aborting a preborn child at any stage of development is a moral evil.

The Didache, which is also called “The Lord’s Teaching Through the Twelve Apostles to the Nations,” is an anonymous early Christian writing dated to the first century. It’s one of the earliest Christian writings that we have record of.

The document states, “You shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is begotten.”

Just as Christians have for 2,000 years, we count on the strength and conviction of our faith leaders to defend life in womb.

Because whatever God creates, including life, must be called good and therefore worthy of protection.

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Photo from Reuters.