Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, may be taking some heat in the press for his choice to take his family to Cancun while several million of his fellow Texans were without power during the current freak cold snap, but Vogue Magazine may have just one-upped him in the questionable judgment department.

In an article published in the fashion periodical on Friday titled “5 Ways to Help Texans Amid a Catastrophic Winter Storm,” author Emma Specter suggests four methods of helping that would be on any thinking person’s list: donate to homeless shelters; donate to food banks; donate to housing programs for the poor; and donate to a blanket drive for the homeless.

No one could quibble with those suggestions. The weather crisis in Texas is tough on everyone, but especially on the poor and homeless.

But then Specter comes up with a head-scratcher that you will only appreciate if I quote her verbatim:

“Due to inclement weather, many Texans in need of reproductive care are being forced to reschedule appointments and make new travel arrangements; you can help support that process by donating to Fund Texas Choice, a nonprofit that pays for Texans’ travel to abortion clinics,” she writes.

So people are tearing down their wooden fences to burn them in fires to stay warm and cook food, and grocery stores are empty or running scarce on food items, but Vogue Magazine is worried about paying for women to travel to get an abortion?

Texas abortion clinics may not even be open. The Daily Wire reports that the Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas facility has closed due to the weather.  Their social media informs the public that, “For the safety of our patients and staff, all @PPGreaterTX health centers are closed today. Call 1-800-230-PLAN or visit for updates on appointment availability.”

Why is it that even during a humanitarian crisis, liberal media can’t help itself but to promote the killing of preborn babies?

Please continue to pray for Texas and look for opportunities to help where you can. And Robyn Chambers, the executive director of advocacy for children at Focus on the Family, says Christians can help vulnerable pregnant women in Texas.

“During times of stress like our friends in Texas are facing is a time the body of Christ can serve,” Chambers told The Daily Citizen.  “Now more than ever, these moms and their pre-born children need us to step in and provide help.”

Chambers offered a list of pregnancy resource centers in the Dallas and Houston areas that could benefit from your generosity at this time.  “Giving to one or more of these life affirming centers allows them to continue to serve the most vulnerable among us,” she said.

Here’s the list:


Thrive Women’s Clinic – Dallas

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center – Dallas

Thrive Women’s Clinic – Irving

Pregnancy Resource Center – Grand Prairie

Metroplex Women’s Clinic – Arlington

Women’s Choice Resource Center – Fort Worth

Hope Women’s Center – McKinney

Fort Worth Pregnancy Center – Fort Worth

Woman 2 Woman PRC – Denton

Pregnancy Help Center – Fort Worth

Raffa Clinic – Greenville

Houston Pregnancy Help Center – Houston

Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston – Katy

Obria – League City

Pregnancy Assistance Center North – Conroe and North Spring/Woodlands

Pregnancy Help Center – Galveston

You can find the contact information for these centers online at My Choice Network (

Photo from Chris Pearce/REUTERS