Both Walgreens and CVS announced plans to start selling the abortion pill mifepristone in the next few weeks.

Mifepristone blocks progesterone, a hormone essential for a healthy pregnancy, cutting off the blood supply and nutrients to a living, developing embryo. The drug is followed with a dose of misoprostol, which the two largest pharmacy chains in America already carry.

The New York Times deceitfully and euphemistically stated that misoprostol “causes contractions that expel pregnancy tissue.”  They should have said that the pill induces early labor and causes a mother’s uterus to expel a human embryo.

“Embryo” comes to us from the Greek by way of Medieval Latin and means “young one” or “offspring” – not “pregnancy tissue.”

Abortion activists – including their allies in the media – rarely talk about who is being aborted; they describe it more as an abstract process that somehow only affects the mother and some “tissue.”

A statement from Walgreens said:

Walgreens has completed the FDA certification process to dispense mifepristone and expects to begin dispensing within a week, consistent with federal and state laws.

We are beginning a phased rollout in select locations to allow us to ensure quality, safety, and privacy for our patients, providers, and team members.

Mifepristone will only be available from Walgreens with a prescription “within legally permissible states,” beginning “in select locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, and Illinois.”

Both companies had to go through the Food and Drug Administration’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy drug program to dispense mifepristone.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

A CVS spokeswoman said its stores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island would begin filling prescriptions for mifepristone by the end of March. In states where it is allowed, all CVS pharmacies are expected to offer it within the next 45 days or so, she said.

Pro-life groups were quick to condemn the companies’ actions.

Alliance Defending Freedom, which is “representing four national medical associations, their members, and four individual doctors against the FDA for unlawfully removing crucial safety standards for pregnant women who use the abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol,” denounced the pharmacies:

CVS and Walgreens are recklessly pushing high-risk drugs onto women, who are now left to perform their own chemical abortions alone at home without ever having visited a medical professional.

This is appalling. #WomenDeserveBetter

The case argues that the FDA illegally lowered safety standards around mifepristone. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the case last December.

In addition to the life-ending effect on the pre-born child, mifepristone and misoprostol can cause serious side effects, including bleeding for 30 days or more, nausea, cramping and pain, hemorrhaging, pulmonary embolism, infertility, depression and death.

Ignoring the death of the human embryo and the possible side effects for the mother, The White House put out a statement calling the drugs “safe and effective” and saying the administration “will continue to fight to ensure that women can get the health care they need.”

If a woman takes mifepristone and regrets it within the first two days, there is a protocol for reversing the effects of the drug by giving her multiple doses of progesterone. Nurse counselors are available at, (877) 558-0333, to assist women who want to save their pre-born baby’s life.

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