As Target scale back its Pride Month merchandise due to lagging sales, Walmart has decided it might be good business to ramp up their Pride propaganda. Numerous news outlets have noted the shift from this major corporation that fashions itself a champion of pro-family values. Walmart recently noted on their Instagram account, “Not just a slogan. #PrideAlways is a reminder to lead with love.​”

Yes, Walmart now features merchandise announcing they are “totes gay!” They will even sell you a “BEST. LESBIAN. EVER.,” “Best Gay Brother,” or “Just a Woman Who Loves Her Wife” coffee mug.

Walmart now offers a coffee mug and tote bag that makes every day of the week gay “Sungay. Mongay. Tuesgay. Wednesgay. Thursgay…” you get the idea. They have “Born This Gay” hats and t-shirts for the whole family.

This gay-friendly vlogger couldn’t be more thrilled that you and your children will now be confronted with all this propaganda and more on your next Walmart visit.

Jason, Walmart’s Pride Co-Chair, informs us on the company’s website that embracing sexual revolutionary ideals and attitudes is right in line with “Mr. Sam’s philosophy” of taking care of people because Walmart believes “Love Wins.”

As a result, “Walmart PRIDE spent this month supporting PRIDE activities across the nation.” Jason exults, “It’s pretty incredible to watch the progress we’re making.”

The Walmart website will introduce you to the people like Sonia Lazo “They/Them” bringing you this revolution their shopping aisles.

NASCAR, the NFL, the National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball, the Hallmark Channel, even some branches of Christianity have all embraced gay pride propaganda.

Is there not one major mainstream corporation or organization that refuses to be bullied by these activists? Can you think of one?

Its drives one to ask, what so-called “marginalized people” have that much power and influence to infiltrate every aspect of the market square and society?

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