How discerning are today’s children? Probably not enough, and often due to no fault of their own.

The attack on kids and their sensibilities begins at tender ages – and often subtly and even indirectly.

From being indoctrinated with radical school curriculums, seeing “pride” displays in Target, watching woke propaganda in cartoons and advertisements, not to mention seeing offensive bumper stickers, t-shirts and parades in suburban settings, there’s no escaping the highly coordinated assault on the hearts and minds of our young people.

How might parents respond?

We need to teach our kids how to discriminate, that is, recognize there is a distinction and difference between right and wrong, reality and fiction, life and death – and men and women.

In order to do so, today’s moms and dads need to help their sons and daughters walk the high wire, and sometimes without the luxury of a net below. After all, in this highly charged environment, discernment can be confused with racism, hatred and even “homophobia.” When it comes to navigating today’s culture, Jesus’ ancient advice couldn’t be more timely or relevant, when He urged, “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” (Matthew 10:16).

During his farewell address in 1989, President Ronald Reagan urged:

All great change in America begins at the dinner table. So tomorrow night in the kitchen I hope the talking begins. And children, if your parents haven’t been teaching you what it means to be an American – let ’em know and nail ’em on it. That would be a very American thing to do.

Christian parents bear an even greater responsibility to not only teach their children about American history – but first and foremost, about our faith in Jesus Christ. We need to help them decipher culture through prism and perspective found in the Bible.

“The most important daily exercise of the child of God is to turn his eyes away from this world, and gaze upon the face of God,” said Dr. Del Tackett, a former executive vice president here at Focus on the Family and the host and creator of “The Truth Project.”

Keep in mind, Dr. Tackett is not advocating for apathy when it comes to culture – he’s suggesting that we need to first understand God’s nature and teachings in order to discern and make sense of everything else.

We need to teach our children that abortion kills children, that homosexuality and the “trans” movement is a distortion and hijacking of God’s design for human sexuality, that marriage should come before sex and that each child is a gift from God.

We need to teach our children that all ideas are not equal and that many are tragically destructive. They need to understand it’s possible to disagree without being disagreeable and oppose without being offensive.

We need to teach our children that no Christian should ever feel compelled to go along with sin to get along with the world. That’s not true Christian love. That’s foolishness and actually the least loving thing we can do.

Most importantly and foundationally, we need to teach our children that we’re all sinners only saved by grace – “There but for the grace of God go I.”