If you’ve been watching the news recently, then you know that Candace Cameron Bure has once again been targeted by the Left, who cannot tolerate the religious values she represents. Her continued professional success and ability to rise above cancel culture’s grasping claws has the woke Left hyperventilating. There are two important lessons that Christians can learn from Bure about having bold faith and purposeful parenting.

It’s well-known that Bure left Hallmark Channel this past April and joined Great American Family (formerly GAC Family). She said at the time that she was excited “to develop heartwarming family and faith-filled programming.”

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bure said one of the things that attracted her to Great American Family was that the people behind the channel are “Christians that love the Lord and want to promote faith programming and good family entertainment.”

The comment generating all of the negative feedback is shockingly benign. When asked if Bure thought Great American Family would have same-sex couples as leads in their programming, she said, “I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core.”

Several celebrities tried to tarnish her character by publicly attacking her for those remarks. She was called a bigot and a hypocrite and told her comments were rude and hurtful to an entire community of people.

The President of Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLADD) even released an official statement condemning Bure. The statement called her actions irresponsible, hurtful and out of sync with a majority of people of faith.

Bure’s daughter came to her defense on an Instagram post in an incredibly touching way.

She wrote, “I love you @candacecbure for continuously choosing Christ before all. The media is an absolutely VILE space for negativity and I applaud you every time for how you handle yourself with the utmost grace. As they continuously twist the narrative to beat down on the Kingdom, you stand firm in faith and never let others dim your light for Him….The Lord shines through you time and time again. The battle is HIS. ❤️”

Later the same day, Bure released her own statement on Instagram. She stated simply and eloquently that she would never intentionally hurt anyone and that, as a Christian, she believes everyone bears the image of God, and she is called to love them. Then she slayed when she wrote, “To the members of the media responsible for using this opportunity to fan flames of conflict and hate, I have a simple message: I love you anyway. To those who hate what I value and who are attacking me online: I love you. To those who have tried to assassinate my character: I love you. To everyone reading this, of any race, creed, sexuality, or political party, including those who have tried to bully me with name-calling, I love you.”

She closed her statement with, “The God we serve is a wildly creative and loving God. He didn’t just capture a small part of my heart, He has captured all of my heart. He will be reflected in everything I do and say; in my family, my work and my interactions with people from all walks of life, God’s love and God’s compassion is front and center.”

Almost immediately, words of encouragement and support for Bure were shared on the post, including many celebrities like Matthew West, Benjamin Watson, Danica McKellar, Jen Lilley, Jill Wagner, Elisabeth Hasselback, and others.

The first important lesson Bure can teach all of us is that we should never, ever, ever, EVER apologize for living out our faith.


Bure is boldly proclaiming THE TRUTH to a secular world. She doesn’t try to tone it down so she will be accepted.


Her initial comment wasn’t even controversial. She said that she thinks Great American Family will have traditional families at its core. How is that controversial?!


The Left pounced on her remarks to try to make an example out of her. Instead, they gave her a platform to share biblical truth about God’s love for all people and the true reason for the Christmas season—God’s hope for all the world. When the enemy tries to tear you down, use it as a platform to proclaim God’s truth!


The second important lesson we can learn from Bure is that we must demonstrate an authentic commitment to living out our faith in front of our children.


I’m a mother, and I have to say, I was so touched by the moving defense Bure’s daughter, Natasha, gave in response to the haters. Bure’s daughter knew her mother’s faith was genuine. Natasha called it out when she said she loved her mother for continuously choosing Christ before all.


Wow. What a testament to how Bure lives behind closed doors. Her faith is real.


Natasha also thanked her mom for standing firm in her faith, being grace-filled, and shining for the Lord. Then Natasha demonstrated her own Christian maturity by reminding her mom (and all of us) that the battle is the Lord’s. There is no way a 24-year-old daughter would write like that about her mother if it weren’t based on reality. As parents, the very best thing we can ever do for our kids is model an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of our lives.


Thank you, Candace Cameron Bure, for your boldness in your beliefs and for purposefully parenting with authentic faith. It’s an excellent example for all of us.


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