Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously said of pornography, “I know it when I see it.”

In the spirit of Justice Stewart, I suggest the following amendment: I know it’s porn when I instinctively hide it from people around me.

Planned Parenthood’s social media is filled with colorful, cartoon pornography designed to teach children and teens about sexual pleasure, gender ideology and sex toys — the kind of website that makes you paranoid that your coworker is looking over your shoulder.

In a word, gross.

In the last three days alone, @plannedparenthood has posted:

  • A “Happy Valentine’s Day” series featuring a message celebrating personal massagers
  • A cartoon declaring “people of all genders can have periods.”
  • A post featuring nine different graphic drawings of the female anatomy.

Planned Parenthood’s graphic social media content comes directly from it’s sex-ed curriculum, which is used in classrooms all over the country. It’s part-and-parcel of so-called Comprehensive Sex Education, which “teaches children and teens about sexual behaviors with little or no emphasis on delaying or waiting until marriage.”

In practice, this means no subject is off -limits in Planned Parenthood’s sex-ed page with free resources for teens. The modules include:

  • Explicit, detailed descriptions of oral, vaginal and anal sex.
  • Suggestions to make painful sex more pleasurable, like engaging in more foreplay.
  • An “All About Sex” page with a drop-down section explaining what dildos and other sex toys are.
  • A page advising teens to make wise decisions about deciding to have sex, immediately followed by a page explaining exactly how to have sex.
  • Outsized emphasis on the benefits of sex, like this video, when an educator says, “Hopefully the first time you have sex you actually gain something, like intimacy, pleasure, or empowerment.”
  • Corruption of biological realities like virginity, which one video suggests “is complicated and really up to you to decide what you believe.”

The resources meant for teens contain links to other pages, including:

  • This page on “Sex and Pleasure,” which lists different kinds of sexual acts people might find pleasurable, like “sexting” and “reading or watching porn.”
  • This page on sex toys, which lists nine different kinds, describes their functions in great detail, and explains how they validate people with gender confusion.
  • This page on orgasms, which touts them as releasing endorphins that might make you feel “sleepy, relaxed and happy afterwards.”

CSE like Planned Parenthood’s is replacing Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA), or abstinence-based education, in many public institutions, despite meta-analyses showing the vast majority of CSE programs don’t lower incidences of teen pregnancy, STD-transmission, and other harms associated with adolescents having sex.

That means kids are learning a radical sexual ethic directly opposed to what God wants for his children. The Bible describes sex as the sign of marriage covenant, a merging of one woman and one man into “one flesh” before God. After the Fall, God repeatedly shows His people that sex outside of His design has physical and spiritual consequences.

But Planned Parenthood’s sex-ed philosophy encourages viewers to use sex primarily to feel pleasure. It divorces sex from gender and married relationships, encouraging kids to have sex and telling others to support sexual perversions. it’s social media trivializes and cheapens sex with explicit cartoons and jokes.

Bottom line: get your kids away from the gross. Your kids shouldn’t have to see that. I shouldn’t have had to see that. No one should have to see that

Do what you need to do to protect your kids from valueless exposure to sex, be that content monitoring, limiting social media access, or finding schools that teach age-appropriate sex-ed. Your kids will thank you as they grow into healthy adults.

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