In order to disparage pro-life legislation, pro-abortion activists often resort to using scare tactics to try and intimidate voters against bills that mean to protect the lives of preborn babies and their mothers from the horrors of abortion.

For example, the Texas House of Representatives recently passed a heartbeat bill, one that would limit abortion to the sixth or eighth week of pregnancy, when the preborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected. Similar bills have passed throughout the country and provide women with the opportunity to pursue abortion if they wish, though within a much smaller timeframe.

Of course, pro-abortion publications argue against this legislation, trying to scare women by telling them that it is “extreme” and would prevent them from being able to access an abortion because “most women (don’t) even know they’re pregnant” in that time period.

One article goes even further, stating, “In some cases, doctors who need to resolve a patient’s miscarriage might also be prevented from doing so.”

Is this true? No, it’s not.

Doctors know the difference between an abortion and a miscarriage. The idea that somehow a miscarriage would be left untreated, which could result in a life-threatening infection in some cases, is completely inaccurate. It’s just a piece of misinformation meant to terrify women into thinking that they will be denied the basic health care that they need.

When it comes to when women know they are pregnant, many report that they feel different and strongly suspect that they’re with child within days or weeks of conception.

One woman on the Australian blog Kidspot states, “I started getting pregnancy symptoms within days of conceiving!”

Another Australian website, Mumsgrapevine, reports that 70% of their audience reported “they just knew or had symptoms (some as early as the moment of conception).”

Based on these reports, are pro-abortion activists implying that American women are simply ignorant when it comes to pregnancy symptoms compared to the rest of the world? Or is it just a line used to scare women and others into believing the lie that if abortion isn’t available throughout pregnancy, somehow women are being discriminated against.?

It’s more likely the former than the latter.

Unfortunately, in this country, the truth about abortion is often lost in the propaganda.

Heartbeat bills do not prevent women from accessing abortion or deny them other pregnancy related treatment, it just requires women and couples to exercise awareness about their own fertility.

If this bill passed through the legislature, Gov. Greg Abbott recently assured Focus on the Family president Jim Daly, “I’ll sign any heartbeat bill they bring me.”

Hopefully, it will arrive on his desk sometime within the near future.