A one-day ticket to a Disney theme park will cost you at least $109 this summer. If you purchase a set of Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears with a rainbow theme either while you’re there or online, you’ll be supporting Disney’s effort to promote “Pride Month” in honor of the annual LGBT celebration of  homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism.

According to CBN News, Disney will be selling over 30 items of merchandise with the LGBT theme this year. Disney’s Communications Manager, Anthony Armenia, announced the availability of the products on the Disney parks blog:

“Just in time for Pride Month 2021, I’m delighted to announce that fans around the world can showcase their LGBTQ+ pride with all-new bespoke products featuring Disney — and for the first time ever – our other iconic brands as well!

“From apparel to accessories to pins and plush and so much more, there are more items in this collection than there are colors in the rainbow! Better yet, in celebration of Pride Month 2021 and the company’s Pride collection, The Walt Disney Company is donating funds as part of our ongoing commitment to organizations around the world that support LGBTQ+ communities. To learn more, visit RainbowDisneyCollection.com.”

The merchandise can be purchased all year, and Disney uses part of that income to support LGBT activist organizations such as GLSN, Diversity Role Models (DRM), Minus18, BeLonG To Youth Services, ARELAS, diversity München e.V., It Gets Better Project, and Nijiiro Diversity.

Those groups span the international scene – not just the U.S. – including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Japan, Germany, Australia, Mexico and various countries in South America.

And Disney’s activism is nothing new. For the last 14 years, the company has earned a perfect “100” score on the Corporate Equality Index created by the LGBT organization, Human Rights Campaign.

Disney has also been introducing LGBT characters into its animation projects targeted for children. Pixar Studios – a Disney company – recently put out a casting call for an actress to play a transgender girl – that is, a boy who believes he’s a girl – in an upcoming production.

Even sitcoms on the Disney Channel include homosexual characters and themes, and the media giant is trying to introduce LGBT superheroes to its Marvel franchise.

The liberal activism of the Disney conglomerate is not limited to LGBT themes either. In 2019, Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, threatened to boycott the state of Georgia over the passage of a “heartbeat bill” banning abortions after a preborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected.

The Disney empire holds over $200 billion in assets, with yearly revenues between $65 and $70 billion over the last couple years. It’s ranked in the top 100 largest companies in the world.

Clearly, Disney is a pervasive force in the entertainment industry, and that fact, plus the company’s disturbing tendency to promote themes and values contrary to Christianity, make parenting that much more difficult.

But there’s help to be found.

For Christian parents concerned about the entertainment their children are viewing, or want to view, there is no better resource than Focus on the Family’s Plugged In site, which is visited more than one million times each month by people looking for detailed information about what’s really in popular movies, videos, television episodes, songs and games. The site is designed to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving families the essential tools they need to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which they live.