A new poll released this week shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans (63%) oppose changes by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) to the definition of “sex” under Title IX, the 1972 federal law that opened up equal educational opportunities for women, to now also cover transgenderism and homosexuality.

The YouGov poll, undertaken on behalf of SAVE, an organization whose mission is “to assure that every college student and faculty member across America is afforded their constitutional protections of fairness and due process” and to “assure that the federal Title IX law is applied consistently and fairly to all students, both male and female,” reveals strongly negative feelings toward the administration’s effort to redefine “sex.”

In addition to the American public wanting to keep the biological definition of “sex” intact by a 63% to 37% margin, other findings in the poll indicate the public’s rejection of a number of the left’s more insidious agenda items for the nation’s schools, including:

  • 71% oppose biological males competing in women’s sports.
  • 61% favor requiring parental consent prior to school counseling about gender dysphoria.
  • 69% favor allowing parental opt-out for children’s participation in sex education classes.

The survey of 2,566 adults was conducted between May 31 and June 2, 2022.

Of course, the administration’s efforts to compel a radical gender ideology in the nation’s schools is not confined to the DOE. As The Daily Citizen has recently reported, even the U.S. Department of Agriculture is on board, holding school lunch programs hostage to force schools with natural conceptions of the value of male and female to abandon biological truth for a woke sexual ideology.

And, just in case you’re missing the astonishing breadth of the government coercion involved, those federal lunch programs are offered at many private religious schools. So, the federal government is even pressuring Christian schools to abandon their biblical beliefs about sexuality and the value of male and female, or else lose their lunch program funding and their ability to serve the poor in their communities.

In fact, according to a White House Executive Order dated January 20, 2021, and a fact sheet dated March 31, 2022, the administration is committed to imposing its gender ideology on the nation via every federal agency, from the Department of State to the Department of Homeland Security, from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Social Security Administration.

Why are we seeing this rapid expansion of a sexual ideology in our schools and elsewhere?

The administration justifies its efforts to redefine what it means to be a woman under Title IX because of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2020 decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, which redefined the definition of sex under Title VII, the federal employment nondiscrimination law.

While the Bostock decision went out of its way to say it wasn’t making any decisions regarding the redefinition of “sex” under any other statute, that didn’t stop federal courts elsewhere from immediately jumping to their own conclusions and using Bostock to justify redefining “sex” under Title IX.

Responding to the administration’s overreach, at least 20 states have now sued the federal government in order to keep boys out of girls locker rooms, showers and restrooms. And family friendly legislators in Congress have introduced the Women’s Bill of Rights, H.Res 1136, to “reaffirm legal protections afforded to women under federal law.”

The YouGov poll confirms that the American public is still strongly against the administration’s current attempt to cancel women. Radical gender ideology not only undermines the biblical account of God’s creation of male and female (Genesis 1:27; 2:20-24; 5:2), but it also violates women’s privacy and takes opportunities away from them that were guaranteed by Title IX. It does nothing less than erases womanhood itself.

In other words, parents, this poll proves you are not alone in wanting to protect your daughters (and sons) from the current negative cultural trends as well as the government’s coercive efforts on behalf of those trends.

Knowledge, as they say, is power.


Photo from Shutterstock.