California governor Gavin Newsom readily admits Gender Queer: A Memoir and similar obscene LGBT books don’t belong in California schools, claiming that such books aren’t even taught.

Joining Governor Ron DeSantis (Fla.) on the debate stage Thursday night, Newsom continued criticizing DeSantis for his so-called “book banning.”

DeSantis responds, “This is pornography. It’s cartoons aimed at children, and it’s wrong. This should not be in schools. Some of it’s blocked out. You would not probably be able to put this on air.”

Over last few years, parents have boldly read segments of these books at school board meetings, only to be told such language is wholly inappropriate, thus proving their very point.

Details of the sexually obscene material contained in such books were presented during Thursday’s debate, including Gender Queer, a graphic novel geared toward teens and known for its inappropriate content. Gov. Newsom easily admitted such material is inappropriate for children, even denying that pornographic content is found in schools.

During the debate, Gov. DeSantis pulled a graphic page from Gender Queer out of his coat pocket and presented it to the audience. Hannity, in a direct question to Newsom, described the book as an “explicit pornographic book showing sex acts.” Hannity continued referencing other obscene books and presented the California governor with a direct question:

Flamer, a graphic book about young boys performing sex acts at summer camp. This Book Is Gay, a book containing instructions on the ins and outs of gay sexuality. … Let’s talk about a book that contains graphic descriptions about how to masturbate for males and females. My question to you, Governor Newsom, those books, do you believe that is appropriate for school districts to teach kids, yes or no?

Newsom responded incredulously,

Oh, come on, that’s not part of the curriculum. They’re not teaching that.

When Hannity pushed Newsom again, the governor responded by denying such material are even being used in schools.

“We don’t provide that for K-3rd grade education, that kind of curriculum, it is just made up. These guys make it up. It is part of this cultural purge.”

Of course, it is not made up. Books with such troubling material have been passionately debated at school board meetings across the country and boldly defended by mainstream media and sex education activists over the last few years.

When asked about the material a third time by the moderator, Newsom responds with more denial, essentially admitting it would be wrong to teach such things to children,

We don’t teach that. We have sex education in middle school and high schools where it is appropriate. This is a ginned-up, made-up issue to divide this country.

This happens time and again. When parents complain about such books, they are called “book banners.” When they read them aloud at school board meetings, they are told such language is inappropriate in such settings.

But leaders also hold such books are essential for their children’s library and classrooms. When they are confronted with the realities of the agendas they push – radical sexuality – they simply deny it.

That is precisely what Gov. Newsom did Thursday evening.

To tell someone that what they can clearly see for themselves doesn’t exist is classic psychological manipulation and everyone should recognize it for what it is.

You can see the whole remarkable exchange in the Fox News debate here.


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