Tasha Kann was given a heartbreaking ultimatum: Abort her baby or likely soon die herself.

At the time 20 weeks pregnant back in 2021, the 30-year-old Michigan mom was diagnosed with stage three anaplastic astrocytoma brain cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation were recommended, but first she’d need to deal with the developing baby within her womb. A three-doctor team recommended an immediate abortion.

The Kann family refused.

“Aborting my baby was never an option to me because it goes against God’s will,” she recently told Fox News Digital.

“I had many deep conversations with Jesus that week in the hospital,” she said. “And I knew that if I held onto the Lord and His promises, He would keep my baby safe.”

In fact, Tasha’s and her family’s prayers were answered.

Gracey, Tasha and her husband Taylor’s second child, was born last October. She is now thriving, even as her mother continues to battle brain cancer.

“Every single day, I look at my beautiful baby and think about how easy it was for them to tell me to abort — like she was nothing,”

“If I had listened – like most patients do, because they trust their doctors and don’t do their own research – my baby wouldn’t be here,” she reflected. “It’s a miracle from God that we are both here.”

The Kann family recently received the difficult news that the cancer has since spread, but Tasha remains thankful and hopeful.

“I’m grateful my dad raised me to have enough confidence in myself and put all my trust in Jesus. That’s what I did, and He delivered.”

Now faced with a gliomatosis cerebri, a central nervous system malignant tumor, doctors are giving her twelve months to live. But now that her daughter has been born, she’s pursuing medical treatment in search of a cure.

“Western medicine may have sent her home to die, but she is going to keep pushing on and living her life!” her friends and family have written on her support page. “Tasha and all of us refuse to give up, that’s something that doesn’t live in her. This is going to be a long journey ahead and we are so thankful for the gift of community and everyone’s support thus far.”

Organized under the banner of “Team Tasha,” family and friends have been hosting a golf tournament, a pancake breakfast, a silent auction, even a benefit cornhole tournament to help raise funds for treatment at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.

As you would expect, Tasha Kann’s story has elicited an emotional and hopeful reaction from the public.

“My husband is my main support system,” she said. “He’s amazing, and I wouldn’t be able to heal like I am without him. And the smiles and laughter of my kids help keep me strong and remind me to keep going. The only thing I ever wanted to be in life was a mom.”

Our fallen world is full of far too many examples of disaster and dysfunction. But the story of the Kann family and Tasha, while representative of struggle and heartbreak, is a remarkable illustration of one woman’s courage and confidence – and the power that comes with rock-ribbed and resilient faith in Jesus Christ.

Please join us in praying for Tasha and Taylor, along with their children Gracey and Deklan.


Photo credit: Team TASHA