Any day now, Colorado is expected to formally take away a woman’s right to choose life for her preborn baby.

When that happens, Colorado will become the only state in the nation to restrict abortion pill reversal as a treatment for women who wish to save their babies after they start a chemical abortion.

Colorado is a test case, and women everywhere should be warned. The abortion lobby does not care about your right to choose life for your baby. They are not pro-choice. The only acceptable choice, in their view, is abortion.

Colorado’s Senate Bill 190 attacks women’s right to choose life for their babies in two ways.

First, it restricts and censors the good work pregnancy resource centers do for the community. Planned Parenthood doesn’t walk with women if they choose to parent, but pregnancy resource centers do.

These centers are stepping into the gap and helping women. They should be praised for their lifesaving work and not targeted for censorship.

Second, the bill bans abortion pill reversal as a treatment for women seeking to save their preborn babies’ lives after starting a chemical abortion.

A chemical abortion, or medication abortion, involves taking two powerful pills during the first trimester—mifepristone and misoprostol.

The first pill, mifepristone, blocks the pregnancy hormone, progesterone, and, given time, kills the baby. The second pill, misoprostol, is taken within 48 hours after the first pill, and it causes the baby to be flushed out of the woman’s body.

Abortion pill reversal (APR) treatment can save a preborn baby’s life if the mother begins progesterone treatment within 72 hours of taking the first pill.

According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, chemical abortions now make up 54% of all abortions—compared to 39% in 2017.

This means more women than ever before are having chemical abortions.

These women deserve the right to save their babies’ lives if they change their minds.

Rebekah Hagan was one of the first women ever to undergo the abortion pill reversal treatment.

She shared her story on the Focus on the Family Broadcast. She was a desperate teenager, already a mom, in an abusive relationship, and she thought abortion was her only option.

She went to the abortion clinic and took the first pill. But as soon as she got to her car in the parking lot, she regretted her decision.

The abortion clinic staff told her once she took the pill, there was no going back on her abortion. She did her own research and found

From there, she was connected to a doctor who prescribed a high dose of progesterone, and Rebekah saved her baby’s life.

Seven months later, Rebekah gave birth to a healthy boy named Zechariah.

This October, Zechariah will turn ten years old.

Some women like Rebekah will have a change of heart after starting a chemical abortion and would choose a different path if given the opportunity.

Bills like SB 190 would sentence babies like Zechariah to death—by denying him lifesaving medicine.

Women deserve the right to choose life for their babies. This bill takes that choice away from them.

It is the opposite of pro-choice.

During public testimony, which lasted nearly all day, the abortion lobby gave testimony that the treatment was “not safe” for women.

That’s right. They claimed that the same drug that’s been used to increase women’s chances of getting pregnant and in IVF treatment for decades is supposedly “not safe.”

In response, many doctors testified about the safety of prescribing progesterone.

Dr. Tom Perille told Daily Citizen, “Opponents of APR claim that there is ‘no scientific evidence’ to support the practice or that we are ‘experimenting’ on vulnerable women. Nothing can be further from the truth.”

He continued, “There is an abundance of evidence to support APR starting with animal research that demonstrates progesterone can reverse the abortifacient effects of the first abortion drug, mifepristone. In humans, a large, randomized trial that administered a different progestin at the same time as mifepristone, showed that there is a quadrupling of the chances of a continuing pregnancy. Finally, a large case series using high dose oral progesterone as we commonly use today, more than doubled the chances of a continuing pregnancy – to 68%.”

According to Dr. Perille, we have “decades of experience using progesterone…with an impeccable record of safety.”

Women who received abortion pill reversal treatment also gave public testimony in support of the treatment while holding their babies in their arms. They told the committee members that the treatment saved their babies’ lives.

Women across the nation need to pay attention to what’s happening in Colorado.

The abortion lobby is finally admitting who they really are and now pushing policies that speak for themselves.

They don’t support a women’s right to choose life because it’s not about women, their rights or their choice.

For the abortion lobby, it’s about peddling abortion at any cost.


Photo Credit: Archdiocese of Denver.