A group of Democrats in the House of Representatives have unveiled a new “Transgender Bill of Rights” that poses a great threat to religious liberty, women’s sports and the integrity of the medical profession.

Representative Pramila Jayapal, along with four other members, introduced the bill in the House of Representatives earlier this week. The bill has an additional 84 co-sponsors.

Rep. Jayapal, who is the Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Co-Chair of the Transgender Equality Task Force, has a son who believes that he is a girl.

“With this resolution, we salute the resilience and courage of trans people across our country, and outline a clear vision of what we must do in Congress in order to allow trans people to lead full, happy lives,” Rep. Jayapal said in a statement.

According to a press release from Rep. Jayapal’s office, if enacted into law, the bill would do the following things. Note the propaganda buzzwords championed by gender ideologues:

  • Ensure that transgender and nonbinary people have equal access to services and public accommodations.
  • Ensure transgender and nonbinary people have the ability to provide for themselves and their families.
  • Recognize the right to bodily autonomy and ethical healthcare.
  • Promote the safety of trans and nonbinary people.
  • Enforce the civil rights of transgender people.

The press release notes that in order to accomplish their goals, the bill would amend “the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to explicitly include gender identity and sex characteristics as protected characteristics and amending federal education laws to explicitly clarify that they protect students from discrimination based on gender identity and sex characteristics.”

Should this become law, the negative consequences for women cannot be overstated.

The bill redefines the very essence of what a woman is, by equating biological men who simply claim they are (or want to be) women, with actual women.

If enacted, any male who believes he is a female would be legally permitted to participate in and compete against women in female athletics. This, in effect, would mean the end of women’s sports as we know it nationwide.

Young girls and women would be forever relegated to second place, knowing that no matter how hard they train or compete, any biological male can simply enter their sport, compete, win, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Case in point: Lia Thomas.

And you could say goodbye to any other sex-segregated facility, restroom, club or team.

Additionally, in regard to the third bullet point, the act would “expand access to gender-affirming medical care, codifying the right to abortion and contraception, [and] protecting transgender people from discrimination in healthcare.”

This part, though intended to sound agreeable, is extremely dangerous for religious freedom and the medical profession.

Should it be enacted, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim doctors, nurses and hospitals would be forced to participate in procedures that they medically and morally disagree with.

For example, if a female, who believes she is a male, requests that a Christian doctor perform a hysterectomy and breast removal in order to make her appear more masculine, the doctor would be legally obligated to perform the surgery.

This would violate a Christian doctor’s freedom of conscience, but also their freedom not to participate in a procedure that is medically problematic. The removal of health body parts is not a “treatment,” but a damaging experimentation.

To be clear, the “Transgender Bill of Rights” is a misnomer.

Americans who consider themselves “transgender” are already ruled by the exact same laws and statutes as every other American.

What this bill would do is give a certain, miniscule group of citizens extra rights and extra privileges, at the expense of a much larger category of Americans – women.

Additionally, this small group is not objective, real or measurable. For the term “transgender” includes those who struggle with gender dysphoria, those who decide they want to identify as the opposite gender, and literally anyone else who wants to use the term to describe themselves.

The Left likes to say (especially following last week’s Supreme Court ruling) that they are a defender of women and women’s rights.

But the introduction of this latest bill shows this is anything but the truth.

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