On Mother’s Day, Planned Parenthood made several social media posts celebrating mothers and motherhood. The posts were tone-deaf and filled with hypocrisy since the abortion business makes money on ensuring that a growing number of women every year never become mothers in the first place.

On Twitter, the abortion business posted “Happy Mother’s Day” with a graphic that read, “From moms at home, to moms on the front line.” While we all pray for those women and men, mothers and fathers, serving on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, the comment is incredibly insincere coming from an organization like Planned Parenthood, which cares more about making money and acquiring political power than it does the lives of its patients and health care providers.

If Planned Parenthood really wants to help during the pandemic, rather than spouting empty platitudes, then the abortion business could perhaps offer to send some of its medical supplies to hospitals or even give medical staff the opportunity to volunteer with local and national medical responses. But the abortion business won’t do that. In fact, throughout this whole crisis, Planned Parenthood has been more concerned about fighting state abortion bans rather than helping to minimize the drain on supplies by voluntarily halting abortions.

It gets worse though.

Even more disconcerting was a video posted on Twitter and Instagram by Planned Parenthood, which featured several women and their children.

The text reads, “Dear Mom, Here’s to you. For being who you are. For imparting your knowledge to us, for all the multitasking, for checking in when you’re far from home and for showing just how strong we can be. Our nurturers, our fixers, our protectors, our heroes. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Through this whole video, Planned Parenthood includes videos of mothers and their children. It’s the epitome of hypocrisy.

This business makes money off killing preborn babies who will never be held in their mothers’ arms and acting as if it reflects some type of female empowerment. How can it celebrate women and motherhood, when it actively seeks to destroy it?

The video also features a mother who appears to have a child with Down syndrome. The interaction is sweet, but also a painful reminder that Planned Parenthood would likely be one of the first organizations to recommend and perform an abortion on a preborn baby with Down Syndrome just because of the condition.

If Planned Parenthood truly cared about mothers and their children, then perhaps the business should dedicate more time to prenatal care, general health appointments and preventative cancer care, rather than abortion.

Mothers deserve better than Planned Parenthood.