As biological men (under the guise of being “trans”) continue to enter spaces segregated for women, beat out girls in female athletic competitions, and violently injure their female opponents, I have one question:

Where are America’s fathers?

Are there no men willing to stand up and defend their daughters?

Fathers, by the virtue of being fathers, have as their primary role to protect and provide for their family. So why are there no fathers willing to stand up and protect their daughters from biological men doing harm to their daughters?

The examples of men (who claim the label “trans”) entering women’s spaces, stealing girls’ places and physically harming young girls and women are numerous – and ever growing, unfortunately.

Recently, a female high school volleyball player suffered a severe head injury after a biological male who claims to be “trans” spiked a ball into her face during a game.

In a video of the assault, a male spikes the ball straight into the girl’s face. She then promptly drops to the ground and doesn’t get up, as coaches and others rush to her side. One district board member said, “A coach of 40 years said they’d never seen a hit like this.”

The girl is “experiencing long-term concussion symptoms, such as vision problems, and has not been cleared to return to play.”

Where was her father?

Earlier this year, a man named Will Thomas, who now goes by the name Lia, raced against multiple biological females in various swim meets. Thomas, a swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania, won the women’s’ 200-yard freestyle and the women’s 500-yard freestyle relay at an intercollegiate swim meet.

Thomas went on to “win” the NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming 500-yard freestyle championship race, beating out “second” place Emma Weyant, “third” place Erica Sullivan and “fourth” place Brooke Ford.

Where were their fathers?

At the 2019 Connecticut Indoor Track & Field State Championship, Selina Soule – a female former high school track athlete – finished one place away from qualifying for finals, beat out by two male athletes. In Connecticut, over the past few years, two male athletes who claim to be female have won 15 women’s high school track championships that were once held by nine different girls.

Where were their fathers?

In these examples, and there are many others, no man – no father – stood up, looked this evil in the face and said, “Not on my watch.”

No father was willing to confront school officials, administrators, coaches, and yes even the “trans” athletes themselves, over their delusions. No father stood up to protect his daughter, even those who were being physically harmed by biological males.

How can this be?

One of the primary doctrines taught in our comfortable, cozy western churches – complete with their coffee lounges and post-service doughnuts – is the doctrine of nonconfrontation.

Conflict and confrontation are nearly seen as chief evils to be avoided at all costs, dare one lose their “witness” and turn someone away from the gospel for a lack of “niceness.”

But by accepting this doctrine of nonconfrontation, we ourselves have turned away from the gospel. For in our wayward and backward culture, confrontation isn’t just good, it’s required. Because if we’re not confronting or being confronted, maybe we look too much like everyone else.

There’s a quote that is often misattributed to Edmund Burke, but it remains true and relevant nonetheless: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

And for far too long, our fathers have done nothing.

So, if you are a father reading this, consider this your mission. It’s time to be ready and willing to confront mistreatment of our daughters head on.

If your daughter has a male entering her locker room or sports team – it is your job to protect your daughter, not someone else’s. And to do so, you must confront what is happening, and you cannot be silent.

Make your voice heard. Start with the school’s teachers and administrators. If that doesn’t work, be prepared to escalate and appeal to higher authorities if necessary.

Gather a group of other men around you who are willing to confront with you.

“Though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him – a threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12 ESV).

Men, you may not have asked for this assignment. But it’s your assignment nonetheless. Don’t be silent. Don’t be passive. Do something.

This is your job. This is your calling.

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