Following a rash of violence at churches and pregnancy resource centers across America after a draft Supreme Court opinion was leaked in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case on May 2, the FBI has announced it is investigating the threats and violence and is seeking tips from the general public.

The FBI National Press Office shared the following statement with various news agencies on Friday, June 17:

“The FBI is investigating a series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers and faith-based organizations across the country. The FBI takes all threats seriously and we continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners and will remain vigilant to protect our communities. We would like to remind members of the public that if they observe anything suspicious or have information about potential threats to report it to law enforcement immediately, call their local FBI field office, or submit a tip to”

The FBI is already looking into firebombings at the offices of Wisconsin Family Action, an ally of Focus on the Family, as well as at the First Image Pregnancy Resource Center in Gresham, Oregon. The agency is also investigating vandalism that occurred at two churches in Colorado.

The violence and destruction has usually been accompanied by graffiti apparently emanating from a new terrorist group called “Jane’s Revenge,” which claimed credit for the Wisconsin bombing and promised more to come.

“Wisconsin is the first flashpoint, but we are all over the US, and we will issue no further warnings,” a statement from the group said.

(photos from Wisconsin Family Action)

The FBI has been under pressure from members of Congress to take a more prominent role in bringing these violent pro-abortion extremists to justice.

On June 7, 16 U.S. senators sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting information “about how the Department of Justice (DOJ) is addressing the disturbing trend of harassment, intimidation, and violence against religious and other pro-life organizations and individuals in the aftermath of the leaked draft opinion … .”

The senators urged Garland, who oversees the DOJ, the FBI and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices “to take a firm public stance and proactive response against these violent threats.”

The senators’ letter was followed by another, dated June 15, from over 120 members of the U.S. House of Representatives who also wrote to Garland to “express serious concerns over recent attacks targeting religious organizations and crisis pregnancy centers,” and to request that the DOJ explain how its “National Security Division plans to investigate these acts of domestic terrorism.”

The FBI’s active and visible role in bringing these extremists to justice is sorely needed. Since May 2, when the draft opinion was leaked, organizations such as Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America have documented dozens of incidents of pro-abortion violence and vandalism around the country.

The Supreme Court’s final word in Dobbs is expected before the end of June. The irony of the situation is that most of the vandalism and violence is taking place in blue states whose laws allowing abortion will remain in place even when the high court overturns Roe v. Wade.

If Roe goes down, as we hope and pray will happen, the question of abortion simply goes back to the people to determine on a state-by-state basis.

These abortion terrorists just can’t take democracy for an answer.

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