Over the past several years, the push for “trans rights” has taken the Western World by storm.

The entirely novel idea that “sex” is not inherent nor based in biology has become the new orthodoxy, dissenters beware. Science has been thrown out the window. And if you protest, you’re a “transphobe,” a “bigot,” a “hater.”

But as the movement for “trans rights” has taken off, women have been left in the dust. The feminist movement and its decades-long push for “equality” between men and women, forgotten. Feminism has been superseded by a “new patriarchy,” with biological men beating (literally) and taking places that rightfully belong to women.

Case in point is University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) swimmer Will Thomas, who is in every way, shape and form, a male.

As The Daily Citizen has previously written, Thomas “has male DNA, was born male, went through male puberty and has a male body.”

But after competing for three years as a male swimmer for UPenn, Thomas took a year off to go on testosterone suppressants, and then began competing as a woman and changed his name to Lia.

Thomas has competed in and won numerous races against women over the past few months.

And now, Thomas “is being hailed as one of the best women’s collegiate swimmers in the country,” by mainstream media outlets like CNN, that also use female pronouns to describe Thomas.

Now, one of Thomas’ female teammates is speaking out against his participation in female athletics.

The female athlete gave an interview to NewsNation on condition of anonymity due to fear of reprisal.

“I think a lot of my teammates are really scared,” she said.

When Thomas first began practicing with the woman’s team, the female athlete said, “I was kind of shocked that this was here, and this was actually happening and there was going to be no one to step in.

“We were kind of just made to accept it and not question it or say anything,” she added. “To allow Lia the ability to be on the women’s team … is not fair.”

“There are categories for a reason because they make sense, and they ensure fairness.”

The female athlete also spoke out against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which has adopted a sport-by-sport policy regarding the participation of gender-confused athletes. The NCAA also requires male athletes wishing to compete against females to reduce their testosterone levels.

However, even the artificial suppression of testosterone does not reduce men’s inherent biological advantages over women.

Asked what’s going through her mind, the female athlete told NewsNation, “Frustration.”

“Frustration that this was allowed to happen. The NCAA has never said anything about the situation. But by not saying anything, they were then discriminating against … women.”

“I’ve been discriminated against and most of my teammates have too. And the NCAA has allowed it to happen, and it’s shameful.”

The athlete added that when she and several of her female teammates went to the UPenn swim coach to express that they were uncomfortable with Thomas joining them in the locker room, she said they were told to “suck it up and deal with it.”

Asked how she thinks people will look back on this issue in five or 10 years, the athlete said, “I think we’re going to look at the people who were making these decisions and … you know, you had the power to change that and you chose not to, you’re kind of a coward for that.”


Photo from Reuters.