On December 25, most Americans settled in at home or with extended family to celebrate, empty stockings, open gifts and spend time with those closest to them. And for Christians who remember what the holiday celebrates – the birth of Jesus Christ – there was an extra level of joy in the air.

But others seemed to forget the reason for the season, like political analyst Nate Silver’s data analysis website FiveThirtyEight.

On Christmas Day, FiveThirtyEight sent out a tweet asking readers to respond and share their “abortion story.”

Even on special days of Christian celebration, evil doesn’t stop looking to find a foothold in our world. And yet, thanks to the grace merited for us by our Savior, we can take comfort knowing that good triumphs over evil.

That was apparent after numerous pro-life supporters used the occasion to share their pro-life stories with FiveThirtyEight, rather than abortion stories.

Here are a smattering of examples:

Many of the replies were from women who, though encouraged by friends or doctors to abort their child, chose life instead. They shared pictures of their smiling children, who wouldn’t be alive today had they chosen abortion.

The replies even led the official Twitter account of the March for Life to encourage people to go read the replies to FiveThirtyEight’s tweet.

“You have to read these responses! Story after story on how #ChoosingLife brought joy, love, and empowerment to countless families,” the March for Life wrote.

The replies led actress Patricia Heaton to write, “This account tastefully posed this question on Christmas, the day celebrating the birth of Christ, but the replies are wonderful stories of courage and joy. Huzzah!”

It’s a solid bet that FiveThirtyEight didn’t expect the heartwarming replies of so many pro-life supporters. But because of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christians take hope that, just like with countless pro-life stories, “mercy triumphs over judgement” (James 2:13).

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