Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren for refusing to enforce Florida state law.

Attorney Warren had announced that he would refuse to enforce any law prohibiting abortion, as well as any law prohibiting doctors from performing experimental “sex-change” surgeries on minors.

“State Attorneys have a duty to prosecute crimes as defined in Florida law, not to pick and choose which laws to enforce based on his personal agenda,” said Governor DeSantis in a statement.

“It is my duty to hold Florida’s elected officials to the highest standards for the people of Florida. I have the utmost trust that Judge Susan Lopez will lead the office through this transition and faithfully uphold the rule of law.”

The release noted that the governor’s authority to suspend state attorneys comes from Article IV, Section 7 of the Constitution of the State of Florida, which permits the suspension of state officials for reasons of misfeasance, malfeasance, neglect of duty, drunkenness, incompetence, permanent inability to perform official duties, or commission of a felony.

Attorney Warren had previously joined together with 83 other prosecutors from around the nation who jointly announced that they would not enforce any law prohibing abortions.

“We decline to use our offices’ resources to criminalize reproductive health decisions  commit to exercise our well-settled discretion and refrain from prosecuting those who seek, provide, or support abortions,” the attorneys had written in the letter.

Earlier this year, Florida’s legislature passed, and Governor DeSantis signed a bill into law which banned abortions in the state after 15 weeks gestation.

According to Just The News, Warren’s campaign for state attorney was funded in part by leftist billionaire George Soros.

“We understand that (Soros) gave money to the state (Democratic) party. And the state party money … went to support difference candidates,” Warren had previously told The New York Times.

In a press conference announcing Warren’s suspension, Governor DeSantis said that Attorney Warren had “put himself publicly above the law.”

“The constitution of Florida has vested the veto power in the governor, not in state attorneys,” the governor said. “We are not going to allow this pathogen of ignoring the law to get a foothold in the state of Florida.”

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