Plugged In’s interview with Skillet front man John Cooper made headlines last week after an unlikely call-out by Billboard, a popular news outlet covering the music industry.

The thirty-minute interview, which aired earlier this month, primarily focuses on Cooper’s new book — Wimpy, Weak and Woke — helping guide their kids through a spiritually hostile world.

Parents raising kids with a biblical worldview should take the time to explain complicated issues, Cooper tells Plugged In’s Adam Holz — especially ones touted by celebrities.

“Every day will give you new opportunities to explain to your kids, ‘Okay, you know the celebrities that all your friends really idolize? Yeah, I’d like you to understand what they’re actually saying — they’re cheering it on.”

Cooper caught Billboard’s attention when he used pop-star Demi Lovato’s pro-abortion anthem, “SWINE”, to illustrate the kinds of evil ideas perpetuated by public figures.

Released exactly one year after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, “SWINE” paints a profane picture of women who want abortions on demand.

Billboard encapsulates the song’s message with arguably its least obscene lyric:

F — what I think, I don’t know a thing, the government knows my body
No, it’s okay, it’s better this way, I’m only a carbon copy
Even if I’m dying, they’ll still try to stop me.

“In that one song, she encapsulates so much evil,” Cooper says of Lovato, continuing,

“She supplies us with the best pro-life argument we always give, which is that people aren’t killing their babies because they can’t afford it. They’re killing their babies because they want to have sex with whoever I want to, whenever I want to. I should be able to do whatever I want. It’s pure narcissism, pure evil.”

Though Billboard might not be a pro-life outlet, it’s coverage of Plugged In’s work should be a powerful reminder the world carefully watches pro-life voices.

Advocate for life ceaselessly and fearlessly — you might be surprised where your testimony ends up!