Update: Our Presidential Voter Guide is now available! Check out where the candidate’s stand on ten key issues – from life to the electoral college, and from religious freedom to the Green New Deal .

Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen will be posting a Presidential Voter Guide, detailing President Donald Trump’s and former Vice President Joe Biden’s positions on ten key issues.

The voter guide, which goes live on Monday, September 28, looks at where the Republican and Democrat presidential candidates stand on issues related to life, the courts, taxes, the Green New Deal, religious freedom, the electoral college – and more.

Staff members of The Daily Citizen looked for direct quotes from each candidate, and these were drawn from press interviews and briefings, debate transcripts, speeches and Twitter feeds. They also looked at actions taken while in office and position statements on official campaign websites.

Trump’s campaign website says, “Together, we are rebuilding our nation,” and it includes the slogans “Make America Great Again 2020” and “Keep America Great.” It lists Trump’s agenda for a second term and links to the “Promises Made, Promises Kept” website, which lists Trump administration accomplishments in areas like foreign policy, the economy and jobs, immigration, and government deregulation.

Biden’s campaign website touts his achievements as a senator and vice president and describes the “Battle for The Soul of the Nation” and his “Vision for America.” That vision includes plans in almost 50 different areas, including: “Joe Biden’s Agenda for Women,” “The Biden Plan for Climate Change,” “Joe’s Leadership in Times of Crisis: COVID-19,” and “The Biden Plan for Health Care.”

Focus on the Family is a non-profit ministry, and cannot endorse candidates. The guide won’t tell you who to vote for – but will tell you where candidates stand on important issues.

The ministry primarily focuses on issues related to evangelism, marriage, parenting and families. Focus also believes strongly in Christians engaging the culture, and the ministry has always advocated on behalf of issues such as life, religious freedom and free speech.

Voting is an important part of cultural engagement, and as we approach the 2020 presidential election, we believe it’s important to know where each candidate stands on critical issues of interest to the fate and future of the American family. The voter guide is non-partisan, simply listing the candidate’s support or opposition toward various issues.

In addition to the voter guide, The Daily Citizen’s Election 2020 page provides information about voter registration deadlines and gives links for registering to vote. Election 2020 also has links to both parties’ campaign websites and to the Republican and Democrat party platforms, so you can see more about each candidate’s and party’s vision for America.

Remember to check back Monday, September 28, when The Daily Citizen unveils the Presidential Voter Guide.

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