This year has been intense. From a global pandemic to race riots across the country, many are concerned about the future of the country. Denny Dillard, founder of Hold Fast America, is using his extensive experience in law enforcement and security to give Americans across the country the skills and information they need to navigate this difficult time.

According to the Hold Fast America website, “Our mission is to embrace the principle that an individual has the right and responsibility to stand for what is right, to resist that which is evil. By working with an engaged community of volunteers acting in partnership with government, business and the faith community, Hold Fast America’s programs will drastically reduce the frequency of attacks and mitigate the resulting injuries and fatalities.”

It’s the brainchild of Dillard. A former Los Angeles Police Department officer who worked in several high-profile cases, including guarding serial killer Richard Ramírez, the infamous Nightstalker. He also patrolled Skid Row, was part of a gang taskforce and even helped with security for the Olympics in 1984.

“I was there because it felt like that’s where God wanted me to be and prepared me,” Dillard said about his time at the police academy. “It was a lot of fun, and a very gratifying experience for me with an organization that has a lot of history and a great culture.”

Dillard eventually moved his family to Riverside, California, which is to the southeast of the city of Los Angeles, in order to raise his family in a nicer area where they could more easily afford a house. However, Dillard and his family were eventually targeted by a local street gang and barely managed to get away.

After the incident, the family moved to Colorado, where Dillard had to spend time recovering from a head wound.

“It was a pretty traumatic injury, but I recovered,” Dillard said. “I started doing fitness athletic and self-defense training in Colorado and was doing that for about five years, training local law enforcement and civilians”

Then September 11 happened, and Dillard found himself working with United Airlines and eventually the Transportation and Security Administration on security training for flight attendants.

“I protected and served my whole career,” Dillard said. “I try to use those skills that I developed, through experience in teaching and helping, so when somebody asks for help, that’s like a green light from God to do something on behalf of Him for other people.”

Now, in addition to continuing contract work, Dillard has now founded Hold Fast America.

“We had backed away from focusing on violent crime, which we had done in the 1980s and 1990s looking at everything from gang members to drug cartels. Then after 9/11, of course, we got very focused on international terrorism,” Dillard explained.

“Hold Fast America is an organization that was created by a movement of like-minded American professionals and organizations working together to counter the radical Marxist revolution that has infiltrated the country (through organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter). Unfortunately, as we’ve seen, it is intent on destroying it.

“Part of the reason why this is happening is that, as a country, we’ve gotten our eyes away from God,” Denny said. “We have always been ‘One Nation, Under God’ and founded on our Judeo-Christian values. That’s changed dramatically over the last 50-60 years, and so we have opened the door (to these violent movements). We’ve got a spiritual warfare going on, but we also have this clear ideological or political warfare going on as well from the left. It is very, very organized.”

“We would like to bring large organizations together so that we can get out and start sharing the Word, praying, and asking God to forgive us of the sins of things like abortion and others. We need to step up and say, ‘We can’t do this anymore Lord, forgive us.’”

Photo is from Shutterstock.