Yesterday Florida governor Ron DeSantis held a major press conference in support of his state’s law enforcement professionals. Discussing the Sunshine State’s budget priorities, Gov. DeSantis explained that contrary to many municipalities and states across the nation, Florida would not be defunding state law enforcement. Rather, Florida is boosting its budget in substantial ways that will help these dedicated professionals’ families and allow the state to recruit and train more law enforcement officers. DeSantis also mentioned other benefits that would help recruit law enforcement professionals from other states who have become discouraged by their local governments’ lack of support for the important and dangerous work they do every day.

Mark Brown, Chief of the Florida Highway Patrol, noted the importance of this, “It sends a clear message to our families, our spouses, our kids, our parents. It shows that Florida’s leadership truly cares and appreciates what we do out there on the road.”

During his press conference, Gov. DeSantis made an interesting observation of interest to readers of The Daily Citizen. Noting how too many leading media companies tend to spin false anti-police narratives in their news broadcasts, DeSantis referenced the recent tragedy in Waukesha Wisconsin that killed six and how media seem eager to protect the identity of the perpetrator of such a horrific crime. He explained,

“Corporate press are more apt to characterize a parent who goes to a school board meeting to protest bad policies as a domestic terrorist than somebody who intentionally rams an SUV into a crowd of innocent people.”

Governor DeSantis is referring to a CNN tweet from November 28 that noted that “a car” drove through a city Christmas parade killing 6 and seriously injuring many others. This led Princeton Law Professor Robert P. George, to wryly note, “autonomous cars seem to be running amok” free of any driver with nefarious intentions.

You can see the video of Governor DeSantis’ observation here:

Photo from Youtube