When authorities found the remains of 2,246 preborn babies on the property of former abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who died in September, the country was shocked. How could a physician keep the remains of preborn babies in his garage for nearly 20 years without detection? Some members of the House Republicans are demanding answers and have asked Attorney General William Barr to open up an investigation. 

Representative Jim Banks (IN-R), in his letter to Attorney General Barr and in a statement to The Daily Citizen, said: “The gruesome discovery of fetal remains in the late Dr. Klopfer’s home raises many concerns including the date and location of the abortions, the gestational age of each unborn child at the time of the abortion, the mode in which the remains were transported to the property in Illinois, and the current physical condition of the remains. It is also crucial to know if there are any other individuals who have knowledge of this activity or may bear responsibility for the preservation and transfer of the remains, as well as if any state or federal laws were violated.”

The case of Klopfer is unique and the Congressman and others are right to ask for a federal investigation. A situation like this should never happen, and it’s a sign that the abortion industry needs greater oversight, especially in the case of a clinic like Klopfer’s.

In addition to Klopfer, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist from Philadelphia, also did not treat the remains of the babies he aborted or killed with respect. During an investigation of his clinic, as part of an unrelated narcotics case, authorities found the remains of babies in the freezer and the feet of a couple of babies were preserved in specimen jars. It was a sickening find and a clear violation of medical ethics. Gosnell was eventually convicted for his crimes against women and babies, but it may be difficult for investigators in Indiana to find other culpable individuals.

Klopfer is dead and whoever helped him, if anyone, is unlikely to step forward. But a crime like this demands a certain amount of earthly justice. Part of that should be increased oversight into some of these more questionable, independent abortion clinics. As a physician, Klopfer’s license was revoked in part because of his failure to follow state guidelines in regard to record keeping and his decision to not alert authorities after performing an abortion on a 10-year-old girl who was the victim of rape. Recently, as part of the investigation into the remains, officials even found medical records that were not properly kept.

It once again brings up memories of Gosnell’s operation. In addition to his crimes against babies and women, Gosnell’s clinic was filthy, filled with cats and litter boxes, and he was also running an illegal narcotics operation. But state officials turned the other way and let him continue his operation for decades despite women showing up in hospitals with botched abortions and two patients dying at his clinic. Klopfer’s crimes are not as serious, but no doctor should be keeping the remains of preborn babies at his home.

In a statement, Rep. Banks said, “I hope the Department of Justice can assist us in this investigation.”

It is inconceivable that this discovery has not made a deep impact on the women who have been violated by Klopfer’s actions. Many have already reached out to authorities to see if their children were among those found and desire to give them a proper burial. It would be a great relief to know that a potential federal investigation results in actionable steps that can ensure something like this never happens again.