As the political debate surrounding abortion rages across the country, something rather interesting is unfolding regarding the issue in some spheres of popular culture.

Consider this headline in last week’s Los Angeles Times: Kourtney Kardashian confirms ‘urgent fetal surgery,’ says baby boy with Travis Barker is safe.

Kardashian is a 44-year-old reality television and social media personality. Her father is Robert Kardashian, a high-profile defense attorney best known for representing O.J. Simpson in his murder trial in 1994.

Travis Barker, 47, is a drummer with the rock band Blink-182. Kardashian and Barker married in 2021.

It was in announcing about the emergency surgery on Instagram that Kardashian called her pregnancy “empowering.” She even thanked the doctor who performed the surgery for “saving our baby’s life.”

It’s unclear what medical condition was addressed with Baby Kardashian.

But whether it’s People Magazine, or other high-profile outlets covering the story, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby is being referenced exactly as he is – a full-fledged pre-born child.

“Praise be to God,” Kardashian wrote. “Walking out of the hospital with my baby boy in my tummy and safe was the truest blessing.”

All of the celebrity and gossip surrounding this family franchise notwithstanding, we certainly celebrate this good development with this family, as should everyone else. The sacredness and fragility of life is a serious matter, and these types of challenges facing parents happen every day.

Fetal surgery dates back to 1982 when Michael Harrison, M.D., often referred to as the “Father of Fetal Surgery,” first pioneered the science.

Longtime friends of Focus on the Family will remember a dramatic photograph the ministry’s founder, Dr. James Dobson, featured in his monthly newsletter on numerous occasions. It was taken by Michael Clancy, who was a photojournalist contracted to take photographs inside a Tennessee operating room of a surgery to address a diagnosis of spina bifida in a pre-born baby.

The stunning images of 21-week-old Samuel Armas’ tiny hand grasping the surgeon’s finger went all over the world. It was impossible to deny that a functioning baby was inside the womb. The surgery was deemed a success.

Soon after, though, controversy erupted when the surgeon claimed both the mother and baby were under anesthesia and that the child wouldn’t have been able to move. Clancy was incredulous. He saw it all unfold – and his camera didn’t lie.

“Obviously, I had captured something they didn’t want me to get,” Clancy said. “After we left the operating room, Dr. Bruner was very angry with me, and it was then I knew he was going to deny what happened and the truth of the photo I had taken.”

You might remember Clancy wrote a book about the experience, Hand of Hope: The Story Behind the Picture, and former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee featured the baby’s story in a movie, “The Gift of Life.”

Technology is making it increasingly difficult to deny reality, and social media is providing a forum for sharing news mainstream media might otherwise ignore.

Kourtney and Travis Barker seem to have developed a personal sense of conviction and even wonder about the beauty of life thanks to their personal ordeal. It would be great if their witness to this wonder would rub off on many of their followers who continue to believe the lies of abortion zealots.


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