The abortion battle continues to rage in this country, and the most recent report from Pew Research Center shows that the country still remains divided on the topic of abortion, with 59% of Americans wanting it legal in all or most cases and 39% wanting it illegal in all or most cases.

When it comes to political parties, the division is even more stark. In 2007, only 63% of Democrats believed that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, that number has now jumped to 80%.

This isn’t a surprise, as the party has been aggressively trying to push out pro-life party members, most notably Dan Lipinski of Illinois, who refused to cave to the pressure and stood by his convictions on the sanctity of life. He was replaced by pro-abortion activist Marie Newman, after a concerted effort by his own party to replace him in the primary.

The only remaining pro-life politician in the Democrat party at the federal level is Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

For Republicans or those that lean Republican, 63% want abortion illegal in all or most cases, that number jumps to 78% when looking at conservative Republicans. The number drops down to just 39% for those in the GOP who lean more towards moderate or liberal philosophy.

When broken down by sex, men (42%) are more likely to want abortion illegal in all or most cases, compared to women (37%). This could be seen as both good and bad. While it’s great to see that many men want the opportunity to support and parent the children they helped create, it also feeds into the pro-abortion propaganda that men don’t care about the financial, emotional, relationship or other circumstances of a woman’s pregnancy and just want her to have the baby without offering much support afterward, which simply isn’t true.

It would be great to see the two sexes even on this issue.

Though there has been a lot of emphasis on the growing pro-life youth movement, that doesn’t seem to pan out when it comes to this particular survey. According to the report, only 31% of adults ages 18-29 want abortion illegal in all or most cases. The majority, 67%, want abortion legal in all or most cases. The most pro-life age group is between the ages of 50-64.

There are also stark differences when it comes to faith, especially in the Protestant community. According to Pew, about 54% of Protestants want abortion illegal in all or most cases, while 44% want it legal. However, that gap becomes fairly large between evangelical and non-evangelical Christians.

Pew reports that 77% of white evangelicals want abortion illegal in all or most circumstances. That number drops down 40 points to 37% for white non-evangelicals. For Catholics, who have often led the pro-life movement, only 43% are interested in making abortion illegal.

This gap is rather interesting, as the Catholic Church was the leading voice against abortion when it was first legalized and is still very engaged in the pro-life space. However, there are also many prominent pro-abortion politicians who profess the faith while also advocating for abortion. The tension between the pro-life and pro-abortion factions within the church is spilling out into the public sphere with certain Catholic bishops calling on church leaders to not serve communion to pro-abortion politicians, while the Vatican recently issued a letter warning against the “weaponization” of the Eucharist.

Overall, the issue of abortion remains decisively unsettled, despite what pro-abortion advocates say. That is great news for pro-life advocates, as there is an opportunity to move and change hearts on the issue of preborn life.

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