Sarah Jones, a senior writer for the Intelligencer/New York Magazine, is taking heat for a recent column, titled “Household Tyrants,” where she states that the Florida legislature’s push to empower parents “would put children in danger.”

Jones was referring to Florida House Bill 1557, a “Parental Rights in Education” bill which, as we reported in The Daily Citizen, would give parents more control over what their children learn in school and ensure schools are transparent about sex ed conversations teachers or administrators have with students.

The writer, who has no children of her own, said that conservatives want to take away children’s freedoms, stating that as “they long for a strong figure in power, they imagine the same figure in every home. Subject of a household tyrant, the child has no freedom.”

Yes. That’s exactly what conservatives want. We long for tyrants in office, a tyrant in every home and little child-slaves to do our bidding.

Jones said the push for parental rights legislation comes from “the conservative fringe” and “is associated historically with some Christian homeschool activists.” She added that the parental rights movement, “with the Christian right behind it, would restrict them [children] further, even if it places them in danger of neglect or abuse.”

Again, she’s nailed it! Christians are literally demanding a reversion back to pre-Christian Roman days with its law of patria potestas (power of a father) – all authority, even that of life and death, invested in the father.

Jones seems genuinely puzzled by the movement to protect parent’s rights, asking, “But why parental rights, and why now?” She does not believe parent’s rights are under attack from any of the following issues she mentions in her article:

She’s taking heat from critics around the country. Here are just a few Twitter responses to her article:

Imbed tweets:

Jones seemed to revel in the notoriety, tweeting, “this appears to have pissed a lot of people off, to which I can only say, lol.”

Many readers surmised that her disdain for parental rights was rooted in her upbringing, as she tweeted, “I was homeschooled for eight years by a pair of God-fearing complementarians and I know whereof I speak!”

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