It’s not your fault if you’re confused. Not at all.

It’s that the left can’t keep its story straight on what a woman is and who needs access to abortion. Daily Citizen doesn’t say this to be mean or “own the libs.” It’s simply a demonstrable and inconvenient fact that must be recognized.

Thanks to the whip speed success of trans ideology, we have all been thoroughly schooled over the last year that men can have babies too. To disagree is to be the new worst thing someone can be: transphobic. Examples of this new liberal orthodoxy which turn basic biology on its head are plentiful.

Last year in his federal budget, President Biden famously declared “maternal healthcare” is now “birthing people” healthcare. The CDC assured us the COVID vaccination was totally “safe for pregnant people.” They avoided referring to women or females like the plague in speaking about pregnancy heath.

A coalition of leftist organizations have even created the “Birthing People’s Bill or Rights.” Even the august medical journal The Lancet could not use the “W” word on its cover last year, offensively using “bodies with vaginas” instead.

The pro-abortion behemoth NARAL tried to convince us that men (and any of the other countless genders) can indeed get pregnant. This is why they no longer defend “a woman’s right to choose” but rather “fight to protect and expand reproductive freedom for *every* body.” It’s become NARAL’s new inclusive buzz phrase.

The ACLU did the same when it infamously edited a famous Ruth Bader Ginsberg quote to be trans-inclusive. This past May, the ACLU listed all the various people “abortion bans disproportionally harm.” Guess who they forgot in their service to inclusivity? That would be “women.”

Even Apple and other social media players joined the hattrick by creating pregnant man emojis as if that’s an actual thing.

Most remarkably, the soon-to-be member of the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, refused to define what a woman was during her Senate confirmation hearing in March even while the nation was celebrating her as the first black woman nominated to the highest court in the land. Yes, ironic.

Was it because Judge Jackson really didn’t know what a woman was? Of course not. She’s a brilliant woman. But she realized that the new liberal political and ideological orthodoxy prevented her from speaking the obvious. This moment was most revealing of the wholly unsustainable situation the left has created for itself by trying to redefine basic reality.

It has gotten so bad that even The New York Times recognized early this month that “woman” has become a naughty word in the left’s rhetoric about abortion politics. But that was pre-Dobbs.

Now we are absolutely inundated from these same people about how Dobbs will deeply harm … wait for it … women. The New York Times even noted this inconsistency in their article, explaining that when an early draft of Dobbs leaked, “President Biden was unequivocal and practiced in his language choices,” saying “I believe that a woman’s right to choose is fundamental.”

And immediately after Dobbs was announced, the Biden White House announced actions it “is taking to protect women who will face the grave consequences of today’s abortion decision” which took away “a woman’s right to choose…” The White House continued, “This decision will have devastating consequences in the lives of women around the country.” In fact, the White House used “woman” or “women” ten times in their short statement. Vice President Kamala Harris spoke unapologetically of “women,” “mothers” and “grandmothers” in her reaction to Dobbs.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi used the word “women” or “woman” six times in her brief statement on Dobbs and “mother” once, declaring defiantly, “A woman’s right to choose is on the ballot in November.”

Even the three liberal Supreme Court justices dissenting in Dobbs freely made it all about women, and unapologetically so. They complained, “The constitutional regime we enter today erases the woman’s interest…” adding,

Yesterday, the Constitution guaranteed that a woman confronted with an unplanned pregnancy could … make her own decision about whether to bear a child, with all the life-transforming consequences that act involves. …But no longer. As of today, this Court holds, a State can always force a woman to give birth…   [emphasis added]

The uncontested flagship newspapers of the left – The New York Times and The Washington Post – both freely used the “W” word in their reporting and commentary on Dobbs. In fact, The New York Times overtly singled women out in their official editorial statement on Dobbs.

The Grey Lady refused to concede, much less hint, that anyone other than women are able to get pregnant and thus consider abortion, opining that, “Without full control over their bodies, women will lose their ability to function as equal members of American society.”

And the ladies on “The View” spoke endlessly how Dobbs threatened “a woman’s right to choose” and the “decisions mothers make.” Whoopi said, “all women” are “the victims of this decision” and failed to even hint at its impact on “birthing people.” Likely because she knows such talk is silly.

The ACLU felt forced to tie themselves into a pretzel lamenting Dobbs, admitting that abortion affects women, but also others… “Women and people who can become pregnant have been forced into a second-class status.”

The Left Needs to Make Up Its Mind

All this makes it crystal clear there is a cognitive and logical crack-up happening on the left. Is it only women who seek abortion, or not? The left has so twisted itself up in the illogical and false rhetoric of “trans” politics that they can’t even agree on this basic question.

Trans politics erases women. The problem this creates for the left and their sacramental regard for abortion as a “woman’s right” and “women’s healthcare” is evident.

Everyone who honors and cares for the intrinsic value of actual women – born and preborn – should never let the left forget what they have allowed to happen to the objectivity of womanhood in service to the new gender lies. The liberal crack-up is being clearly displayed in their hysteria over Dobbs and they should be made to answer for their own illogic.