Planned Parenthood has released its 2020 voter guide for the general public. Unsurprisingly, it pushes a pro-abortion agenda and appears to actively try and deceive its supporters.

As part of the campaign called “We Decide 2020,” it explains that, “At the ballot box, we decide what we do with our own bodies.” All those interested need to do is input their address to see what Planned Parenthood thinks about various political candidates, both at the federal and state level, and various ballot measures.

It also is against the pro-life ballot initiative, known as Due Date Too Late or Proposition 115, though the explanation of the bill is wildly deceptive.

Planned Parenthood argues, “In this coming election, you will be asked to vote on a ballot measure called Proposition 115, which is yet another abortion ban in Colorado. There are no exceptions for rape, risks to the woman’s health, or even a lethal fetal diagnosis. Women already (have) way too many barriers and obstacles to accessing health care. We should not be making it more difficult for women to access the care they need. Every pregnancy is unique, and no one can know the individual life circumstances of each and every woman. This ban doesn’t allow room for any complexity. It is an intentionally confusing initiative being pushed by many of the same politicians and groups who have tried to ban abortion outright in Colorado.

“Colorado voters won’t be fooled. Decisions about pregnancy are best made by a woman and her family, with advice from doctors — not politicians.”

That’s not true. There’s currently no abortion ban in Colorado, and this ballot initiative just limits abortion to the 22nd week of pregnancy.

The proposition is perfectly reasonable, as babies have been born outside the womb and survived at 21 weeks. This isn’t a “barrier” or an “obstacle” to women seeking an abortion, as most women know they are pregnant by this point, but what it does is acknowledge the humanity of the preborn. That is extremely threatening to the abortion industry, which thrives on making the public believe that abortion is just removing a bunch of cells and not a baby.

The bill will also be a hindrance to Dr. Warren Hern, the late-term abortionist who works out of his Boulder, Colorado clinic. At his clinic, abortion can be performed up until the moment of birth, as there is no abortion limit in the state. Women come to him from all over the world for abortions, because he is one of the few who is willing to kill a viable child.

For those interested in a more balanced voter guide, check out the one produced by Focus on the Family here.

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