This week hundreds of pro-life Coloradans showed up to testify in opposition to the most radical abortion bill in the nation. The State House committee heard testimony from Colorado citizens for more than 14 hours. Pro-life testimony took well over nine hours of that time. Despite the pro-life community’s best efforts, the radical abortion bill was passed out of committee on a party-line vote of 7-4. Pro-life lawmakers are now filibustering the bill at the Colorado Capitol in an effort to stop this extreme measure from becoming the law.


HB22-1279, the abortion on demand bill, would not only codify abortion under state law, but it would also invalidate existing limits on abortion and prohibit future laws restricting abortion. 


This extreme measure would legalize abortion for any reason and at any time during pregnancy up until the moment of birth with no questions asked. 


In addition, the bill would declare that preborn babies have no rights under Colorado law. Indeed, it would ban the state from providing any rights to babies in the womb. 


Pro-life citizens who showed up to testify at the hearing included doctors and nurses who had previously performed abortions, but their eyes had been opened to the horrors of abortion.


One such doctor told the committee that as she performed an elective second-trimester abortion, it was as if the scales on her eyes had been removed, and she immediately knew that what she was doing was murder. She said she never performed another abortion again.


Mothers, fathers, college students, and even children waited hours for their turn to urge the committee to reject this terrible measure. 


Several children passionately testified to the committee that killing babies was wrong. Basic moral truth. Out of the mouths of babes. 


Others shared personal stories of the extreme regret and heartbreak they experienced because of their abortion.


One woman who had an abortion when she was a young teenager broke down in tears as she shared with the committee that when she was a 14-years-old, she found out she was pregnant. 


She was scared and went to an abortion facility for help. She said the abortion facility lied to her when they told her that her baby was just a clump of cells. 


She agreed to get the abortion, but during the procedure, she started to have second thoughts. As the young teenager cried to leave, the abortionist told her it was too late and continued the procedure.


The pro-life testimony shared that night was incredibly moving. 


Ultimately, the measure was passed out of committee and is now being filibustered by pro-life lawmakers in the Colorado House of Representatives. Unfortunately, it looks like the pro-abortion lobby has the votes in the House to pass this bill. 


But the pro-life movement will not be deterred! 


Human lives are at stake. Unique boys and girls lost to this world forever. It is a moral travesty. 


The pro-life movement will keep standing up and demanding justice for preborn babies as long as we have breath in our lungs because it is the right thing to do! 


On Saturday, March 12, 2022, the Colorado pro-life movement will hold a “Stop Radical Abortion Legislation Rally” at the Capitol Building in Denver from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm MT. 


Pro-life Colorado friends are invited to attend and express their opposition to this extreme abortion bill. 


This fight is far from over. 


If the measure is passed out of the House, it will then move to the Colorado Senate for consideration as soon as next week.


This is the time to speak up, this is the time to press forward, and this is the time to stand our ground for life! 


Photo from Shutterstock.