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The “Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act” would allow adults to sue doctors who used puberty blockers, opposite-sex hormones and surgeries to “transition” them when they were minors.

The bill targets those who provide these disfiguring and medical interventions to minors, in an attempt to make them look like the opposite sex. When patients realize such procedures did not heal their mental health issues and that their bodies are irreparably damaged, they would have 30 years after they turn 18 to file a lawsuit.

The Protecting Minors Act would only apply to surgeries after the bill is passed and signed into law, which seems unlikely given the current Congress and administration.

The law also guarantees freedom of conscience for medical practitioners who refuse to participate treating the sexually confused with drugs, hormones or surgeries.

Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and Jim Banks, R-Ind., announced Wednesday, June 22 that they would be introducing the act into both chambers of Congress.

Just the previous week, as the Daily Citizen reported, President Biden signed an executive order doing the exact opposite, attempting to make such destructive procedures easier for minors to obtain. The proclamation charged the Department of Health and Human Services “to work with states to promote expanded access to gender-affirming care.”

Such euphemistically labeled “gender-affirming care” can irreparably damage bodies, and many who have had these medical interventions come to regret them.

If the Protecting Minors Act were to pass, it would put health professionals on notice that they could be held liable for performing these heinous experiments on young people.

Health care workers should think twice before administering life-changing medical procedures to children, adolescents and teens – who do not yet have the capacity to give “consent” to such treatments. Since sexual identity confusion is completely subjective and internal, there is no way to know if these minors will persist or desist in their belief that they are the opposite sex or some other gender.

Take Chloe, for example. As the New York Post reports:

When Chloe was 12 years old, she decided she was transgender. At 13, she came out to her parents. That same year, she was put on puberty blockers and prescribed testosterone. At 15, she underwent a double mastectomy. Less than a year later, she realized she’d made a mistake – all by the time she was 16 years old.

So a 13-year-old consents to puberty blockers and testosterone – arresting normal development, and then she takes testosterone, causing abnormal, irreversible physical development.

But she changed her mind. Evidently she wasn’t a “real transgender” – whatever that is. Doctors wrecked her body to accommodate an adolescent who succumbed to gender ideology.

Walt Heyer, who had hormones and surgeries to live as a woman before coming to the Lord and detransitioning, reports on a young man who began living as a woman in his late teens.

Derrick stated:

I transitioned to female beginning in my late teens and changed my name in my early 20s, over ten years ago. But it wasn’t right for me; I feel only discontent now in the female role. I was told that my transgender feelings were permanent, immutable, physically deep-seated in my brain and could NEVER change, and that the only way I would ever find peace was to become female.

He had his testicles removed even before beginning puberty and later had breast implants. Derrick explains his change of heart:

The problem is, I don’t have those feelings [of being a woman] anymore. When I began seeing a psychologist a few years ago to help overcome some childhood trauma issues, my depression and anxiety began to wane but so did my transgender feelings. So, two years ago I began contemplating going back to my birth gender, and it feels right to do so. I have no doubts–I want to be male!

But his body has been irreversibly harmed by so-called “gender-affirming care,” what this administration is promoting.

Finally, there’s England’s Keira Bell, who was given hormone blockers and male hormones when she was in her mid-teens. She had a double mastectomy when she was 20.

At 22, after realizing she “wasn’t a man, and never would be,” she finally stopped taking male hormones and detransitioned.

As a teen, nobody asked her about her unhappy homelife, with her parent’s divorce, an emotionally distant father, and her mother’s descent into mental illness and alcoholism. Could any of that have been related to her sexual identity confusion?

Instead, she was fast-tracked through the now-infamous Tavistock Centre, which saw a huge uptick in adolescent and teen girls presenting as “transgender.” The consequences: “possible infertility, loss of my breasts and inability to breastfeed, atrophied genitals, a permanently changed voice, facial hair.”

Bell sued the clinic and won a unanimous verdict: “The judges expressed serious doubts that the clinic’s youngest patients could understand the implications of what amounted to experimental treatment with life-altering outcomes.”

Here in the U.S., there was only one clinic for children with sexual identity confusion in 2007. Now there are hundreds of clinics that dispense opposite-sex hormones and dozens of hospitals that perform “gender-affirming” surgeries, such as double mastectomies, hysterectomies, castrations, and genital surgeries.

It’s past time to hold these medical professionals accountable for the damage they do.


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